First-Year Writing Placement Exam, 2024


Welcome to the University of Scranton! As part of your enrollment to the University, you are required to complete a First-Year Writing (FYW) placement exam. This page contains important information related to accessing the explanation of the exam, instructions for how to complete the exam, and the deadline by which the exam must be completed.

 Explanation of the First-Year Writing Placement Exam

Please follow this link to the webpage that explains your FYW placement exam.

Please note: ALL incoming students MUST take the placement exam – if you've already been placed in the Gonzaga program or SJLA or recieved higher than a 4 on the AP Language Composition Test you are not required the placement exam. 

Timeline for the First-Year Writing Placement Test and Deadline for Completion

The exam is available to begin completing immediately and will run until May 24, 2024. All incoming students must submit their First-Year Writing Placement Exam by Friday, May 24 at 11:59 p.m. Your results will be shared with your academic advisor at or around June 18 and they will adjust your fall schedule appropriately if needed (based on your individual results).

If you have any questions related to the content of the First-Year Writing (FYW) placement exam, please email If you are having technical difficulties in accessing the “Your admissions page” on SLATE or FORMS 3, please contact the Technology Support Center at 570-941-HELP (4357) or email

We look forward to reading your letters and working with you when you arrive on campus. Good luck, and stay well! 

 Prof.'s Markowski

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