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Esprit  is a literary magazine published once each semester by the students of The University of Scranton. This review of arts and letters features work by students of The University of Scranton. The content is the responsibility of the editors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or faculty. The University subscribes to the principle of responsible freedom of expression for its student editors.

Please join us as we present readings from the Spring 2023 edition of Esprit !


          Event:    Espirit Reading
Place: The Studio Theatre, McDade 104
Dated: Thursday, May 4, 2023
Time: 8 pm



View copies of back issues of  Esprit  online !

Click here for Submission Guidelines. The deadline for submissions for Spring 2023 is: 24  March at Midnight

Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Esprit Award Winners Are:

Poetry Award: Elizabeth Giannone
Prose Award: Bethany Belkowski
Graphic Award: Elisabeth Johnson

Fall 2021


Fall 2021 Esprit Award Winners Are:

Poetry Award: Bethany Belkowski
Prose Award: Nathan Tauber
Graphic Award: Devang Patel

Spring 2021

Poetry Award: Amanda Tolvaisa
Prose Award: Bethany Belkowski
Graphics Award: Jack Golden

Fall 2020

Poetry Award: Amanda Tolvaisa
Prose Award: Joshua T. Rudolph
Graphic Award: Jack W. Golden

Spring 2020


Spring 2020  Esprit  Award winners are:

Poetry Award: Katelyn O'Connor
Prose Award: Alexis Ward
Graphic Award: Elisabeth Johnson
Esprit Spring 2020 cover

Fall 2019

     esprit_fall 2019_reading     esprit_fall 2019_reading_4esprit_fall 2019_reading_3

     esprit_fall 2019_reading_5   esprit_fall 2019_reading_7Fall 2019  Esprit  Award Winners:

Poetry Award: Mary Purcell
Prose Award: Elisabeth Johnson
Graphics Award: Elisabeth Johnson


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