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Staff Senate Spotlight Newsletter - Spring Semester 2017

The following link will take you to the Spring Semester 2017 issue of the Staff Senate Spotlight. The Communications Committee would like to thank all those who contributed content for the newsletter. 

Staff Senate Spotlight Newsletter 

University Dining Services’ Debit Meal Plan

University Dining Services’ “debit” meal plan for Faculty and Staff.

  • Open an account by simply going to the Bursar’s Office and making a deposit. 
  • Minimum deposit is $100 and subsequent deposits may be made in $100 increments
  • Each $100 deposit will be matched by a 6.0 % bonus added on.
  • The account may be used at any of the eight dining locations on campus.
  • This “employee debit” account can be accessed by informing the cashier and presenting your Royal Card.
  • ALL University employees and ARAMARK and Follett employees are eligible (exceptions below).
  • Full time students are not eligible.  Resident students are not eligible.
  • Funds will remain in the account indefinitely.
  • Refunds can be requested (6% add-on bonus will be not be refunded).

Questions or comments -- Email:  -- Phone: 570-941-7456

Recent and Upcoming Events

Please click HERE for some of the recent and upcoming events sponsored/co-sponsored by the Staff Senate

Ad-Hoc Ombudsman Committee

The Ombudsman Committee was formed as an Ad Hoc Committee and began meeting in the fall 2012 term. The Ombudsman Committee determined that its charge was to research the role of an Ombudsman within a college community.  The report is now complete and can be viewed by clicking here.  This report will be forwarded to the University Governance Council (UGC) for review, discussion, and feedback.

Members: Diane Lang (Co-Chair), Denise Gurz (Co-Chair, Staff Senate Volunteer), Meg Cullen-Brown and Betty Rozelle

Employee Resource Document

The Staff Development Committee has updated the Employee Resource Document. To view the document, please click here.

Monthly Staff Senate Meeting

Meeting Dates

Staff members are welcome to attend. If more than three (3) staff members from your department are planning on attending, please let Mark Murphy, Staff Senate President, know in advance so that adequate arrangements (seating, etc.) may be made to accommodate all guests.

Staff Handbook Available Online

As of June 20, 2013 the updated Handbook for Staff and Administrators has been distributed electronically and posted to the HR website

This major project was led by the Office of Human Resources with support and feedback from the Staff Senate and President's Cabinet.  The revision process began with Human Resources updating the existing handbook to reflect current practices and appropriate compliance and legal mandates.  A revised draft was then provided to the Staff Senate for input.  The Staff Senate convened the committee, reviewed the handbook and provided constructive feedback.  Once the Staff Senate completed this review, follow-up meetings were held with Human Resources to discuss the Senate's comments.  This draft was then presented to the President's Cabinet for final review.

This 2013 Handbook replaces and supercedes all previous versions of the handbook in its entirety and should be used as the current source of information regarding employment with the University.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources at (570) 941-7767.

Contact Us

The Staff Senate is more involved than ever and wants to hear from staff members on issues that we can bring to the table for discussion and resolution. If you have any issues that you would like us to address, please email the Staff Senate at or one of your representatives.

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