Planning & Institutional Effectiveness



The Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness is dedicated to providing the University community with information and analysis to support planning, decision-making, and continuous improvement. The Office is responsible for leading institution-wide planning and institutional assessment processes, conducting research and analysis to support planning, and developing the tools and processes necessary to facilitate planning and its links to other key practices. These activities are conducted under the coordination of the University's Institutional Effectiveness Plan.

Institutional effectiveness encapsulates a number of processes that serve to facilitate the comparison of institutional performance to our stated mission and institutional goals; namely, our strategic plan. Institutional effectiveness practices at the University are both both evaluative and developmental. The office shares a strong, collaborative relationship with the Office of Institutional Research, the Office of Educational Assessnebt, and with other partners across campus to facilitate and support collaborative planning and continous improvement. The Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness is led by the Assistant Vice Provost for Planning & Institutional Effectiveness. 

The primary responsibilities of the office include the coordination of:

  • Managing institutional planning activities and the implementation of our planning & institutional effectiveness model
  • Managing the University's institutional accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and related activities
  • Coordinting the reporting of institutional performance measures, scorecards, departmental planning and improvement activities, and other outcomes
  • Leadership for institutional compliance activities
  • External analysis activities, such as environmental scanning
  • Conceptualize and conduct institutional evaluation & assessment services and projects
  • Coordinating institutional policy & governance activities

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