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The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, President-elect, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Chairpersons of the standing committees. At least one representative from each constituency is included on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is convened by the President when the advice of the Staff Senate is requested in the interim between regular meetings of the full Staff Senate. The committee provides advice to the President on issues before the Staff Senate.

Members: Joseph Wetherell (chair), Melissa Bevacqua, Amy Driscoll McNulty, Kelly Cook, Caitlyn Hollingshead, Kristi Klien, Janice Mecadon, Mark Murphy, and Eileen Notarianni


The Communications Committee will improve university wide communiucation by updating the Staff Senate website and promoting awareness of this website; revisit existing procedures and modify where needed, and utilize social media for promoting Staff Senate programs.

Members: Amy Driscoll McNulty (co-chair), Mark Murphy (co-chair), Tim Barrett, Kelly Cook, Justine Johnson, Pauline Palko, Jennifer Pennignton (volunteer), Sheila Strickland, and Donna Tucker

Election & Membership

The Election and Membership Committee will fill vacancies on university committees, coordinate Staff Senate elections, and the annual Meet & Greet.

Members: Amy Driscoll McNulty (chair), Kelli Cali, Brian Griguts, Justine Johnson, Bryn Schofield, and Pete Sakowski


The Finance Committee shall use university funding wisely.

Members: Caitlyn Hollingshead (chair), Gina Butler, Sherry L. Edwards, and Donna Tucker

Social Events & Community Building

The Social Events and Community Building Committee will provide community building opportunities among staff with a "welcoming session" for new employees at the beginning of the fall semester, establish a system for contributing money to charities, organize food drives, identify other activities, and review roundtable discussion procedures. Plans also include coordinating with the 125th Anniversary of The University of Scranton activities to avoid schedule conflicts.

Members: Kelly Cook (co-chair), Kristi Klien (co-chair), Ann Barnoski, Tom Coleman (volunteer), Mary Sheils (Densevich), Sherry L. Edwards, Janine Freeman (volunteer), Brian Griguts, Steve Hallock, Bernie Krzan, Janice Mecadon, Bill Pilger, Kevin Roginski, Bryn Schofield, Ryan Sheehan, Susan Shimsky, Sheild Strickland, Cynthia Tokash, and Vicki Thomas

Staff Development

The Staff Development Committee will ensure the awareness and availability of opportunities for staff that will assist in their personal and professional development through updating and circulating the Employee Resource Document, continued work on a staff mentoring program, a fall program on Ergonomics and a spring program with the Jesuit Center.

Members: Melissa Bevacqua (co-chair), Ann Barnoski, Mary Sheils (Densevich), Lucia Grissinger, Stephen Hallock, Kristi Klien, Bernie Krzan, Eileen Notarianni, Jennifer Pennington (volunteer), Pete Sakowski, and Donna Tucker

Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards

The Staff Recognition and Excellence Committee will provide equitable recognition of staff members through the Sursum Corda Award, acknowledge staff who have completed degrees, coordinate monthly Spirit Awards, explore new ways of recognizing staff, review current procedures, and coordinate Annual Awards Luncheon.

Members: Janice Mecadon (co-chair),  Eileen Notarianni (co-chair), Gina Butler, Mary Sheils (Densevich), Brian Griguts, Lucia Grissinger, Caitlyn Hollingshead, Bill Pilger, Kevin A. Roginski, Bryn Schofield, and Vicki Thomas