Information Update - Winter 1996

Searching (And MetaSearching) The World Wide Web
By now, hopefully, you've had a chance to do some exploring on the World Wide Web. What you have probably found out is that the World Wide Web is a wonderful place, full of bottomless amounts of information. > Full story
Citing the Internet Site
Information obtained over the Internet and used in research papers requires citing just as does information obtained from more traditional resources such as books and journals. > Full story
Library Web Update
Since the installation of the World Wide Web browsing station in the Weinberg Memorial Library early last fall, there have been several improvements to make research over the Internet more effective. > Full story
DRA Find To Be Tested
Early this spring, library patrons and staff will be able to test one of the newest Data Research Associates products, DRA Find, on PCs in the Weinberg Memorial Library. > Full story
Textile Exhibit At Library
Through March 22, the Weinberg Memorial Library is hosting an exhibition of Guatemalan textiles from the collection of Linda Ledford-Miller, Ph.D., of the University's Foreign Languages Department. > Full story
Carl Is New And Improved
Two new features have been added to the CARL System as of this academic year. CARL, found as option no. 7 on the Weinberg Memorial Library's Public Access Menu, is a commercial service, now owned by the Knight-Ridder Information, Inc., which allows access to a variety of electronic indexes and services through the Internet. > Full story
Ergonomics Workshop Held
Ergonomics is the science that explores the optImum relationship between people, their tasks and their environment. On Dec. 13th the library support staff invited library faculty and staff to attend a workshop on "Office Ergonomics" sponsored by the Procurement Department and presented by CBI & Steelcase. > Full story
From the Library Director
Core Collection Development Project Update
The Core Collection Development Project is now in its third year. To date 12,827 books have been received; another 2,269 books are on order. > Full story
Computer Literacy Class Explained
During the fall semester the library faculty entered a new phase in its evolution as part of the computer/information literacy program. > Full story
A Special Thanks to Our Newest Friends
Staff Changes
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