Information Update - Winter 1996

Library Web Update

Since the installation of the World Wide Web browsing station in the Weinberg Memorial Library early last fall, there have been several improvements to make research over the Internet more effective. Users now have available the latest version of Netscape. Netscape has emerged as the number one browser for Windows and offers several major enhancements over Mosaic. Many Web pages are specially designed to take full advantage of the more advanced HTML 3.0 code. In addition to the built-in advanced features that Netscape has to offer, Netscape boasts excellent industry support. Several third-party software developers are creating applications to further enhance Netscape's abilities.
On the local front, the staff of the Weinberg Memorial Library continue to integrate the library systems with the power of the World Wide Web. Patrons of the library now have full access via Web browsers to the Online Public Catalog, Information Gateway, the Periodicals Holdings List and an Interlibrary Loan form. In addition to these enhancements, a Web Research Tools page is accessible via the Weinberg Memorial Library's home page. This page provides links to powerful search engines at the very heart of Internet research. New and more powerful search engines such as Starting Point are being developed everyday. These search engines provide keyword searching and indexing of all information found on the Web
The ability to research information over the Internet has proven to he a valuable asset to our patrons. Students are using the Web for everything from research for job interviews to conducting research for courses and hobbies. Several professors at the University have incorporated Web research into their course work, and the research station located in the lab area near the Reference Desk is always in use.
Greg Ruffenach
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