Information Update - Winter 1996

A Special Thanks To Our Newest Friends

We would like to thank the newest members of the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library for their contributions to our library

Mr. Christian Adonizio Mr. David Markle
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Anticoli Dr. Herbert M. McDonald and Mrs. Many E. McDonald
Dr. William ]. Anrognoli Mr. Frank J. McDonnell
Mr. Robert P. Barkley and Family Mrs. Cheryl A. Migate
Dr. Rebecca Beal and
Mr. James E. Wimsatt
Mr. Edward Mitchell
Dr. Karen Blomain and Mr. Michael Downsend Prof. Betsey Moylan
Mr. Thomas C. Burns Dr. John C. Norcross
Mr. James Calvey Dr. Kevin Nordberg and Mrs. Denise M. R. Nordberg
Dr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Cantrell Dr. Robert A. Parsons and Mrs. Margaret Parsons
Dr. Timothy K Casey and Mrs. Mary C. Casey Mr. Jason Price
Prof. Stephen Casey and Dr. Ellen Casey Dr. William Rakauskas and Mrs. Marie Rakauskas
Ms. Maria R. Casteline Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reinheimer
Dr. John R. Conway and Mrs. Sharon D. Conway Dr. Midori Y. Rynn
Dr. Alice R. Coyle Mrs. Constance A. Sanko
Prof. Katie Duke Prof. Carl Schaffer
Mr. John Q. Durkin Mr. Thomas Siepiela
Dr. Marian Farrell and Mr. James C. Farrell Ms. Margaret Smith
Mr. J. Gerald Garvey Ms. Sandra J. Snyder
Ms. Mae S. Gelb Prof. Gloria Sortile
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Gibbons, Jr. Ms. Patricia C. Stevens
Dr. Leonard Gougeon and Dr. Deborah Gougeon Ms. Bonnie Strohl
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Gownley Ms. Sheilah A. Tone
Prof. Eileen B. Hewitt Dr. Daniel S. Townsend and
Mrs. Kann V. Townsend
Dr. Cathleen Jones and Mr. William R. Jones Dr. Christopher Veniamin and Mrs.
Annette Veniamin
Dr. Francis X. Jordan and Mrs. M. Patricia Jordan Mr. William Waite
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Jordan Dr. Robert M. Weir, Jr. and Mrs. Kathy C. Weir, Jr.
Ms. Marie J. Kaneski Dr. Gary Wodder and Mrs. Ruth K. Wodder
Dr. Edward Kelly and Mrs. Margaret Kelly Mr. Ted Goff
Ms. Joyce Knott Dr. Margaret Zalon
Pride, Passion, Promise: Experience Our Jesuit Tradition