Events & Exhibits - Winter 1996

Ergonomics Workshop Held

Ergonomics is the science that explores the optImum relationship between people, their tasks and their environment. On Dec. 13th the library support staff invited library faculty and staff to attend a workshop on "Office Ergonomics" sponsored by the Procurement Department and presented by CBI Steelcase. The purpose of this workshop was to promote the awareness of several different methods that can be incorporated into an office setting to achieve a healthy balance between the office worker and his/her work environment.
Several office-related stressors were identified and targeted. Effective suggestions to prevent and reduce repetitive stress syndrome, eye strain, and neck and hack fatigue were offered. Suggestions were given on creating a healthy office environment and increasing productivity by reducing these stressors. Different aspects of ergonomics, such as lighting, chair height and the importance of proper body positioning were explored. The social climate of the office was also addressed, and recommendations were made to reduce "psychosocial" stress factors.
Faculty and staff were encouraged to evaluate their personal work space and use the helpful suggestions to further enhance their emotional and physical well-being while working at the library.
Kathleen Santarelli
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