Research Tools - Winter 1996

DRA Find To Be Tested

Early this spring, library patrons and staff will be able to test one of the newest Data Research Associates products, DRA Find, on PCs in the Weinberg Memorial Library. Windows-based DRA Find could he one of the most powerful research tools available with its ability to search several databases simultaneously.
Imagine being able to search the University's collections, a periodical index, and, at the same time, those of Drew University and Penn State through the Z.39.50 client/server architecture. Once the search is complete, the results are merged into a single display, Search results can he saved and resubmitted or manipulated by sorting in order of the frequency of returns of the subject headings. Patrons will know immediately if the material is available as circulation status information is displayed. Clicking on a particular word or phrase will resubmit a new search on the highlighted term, further enhancing research capabilities.
Testing of the product here in the library will he limited to personal computers capable of handling the Windows-based software.

Margaret Craft
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