Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee is an advisory group to Charles Kratz, the Dean of the Library, that meets twice each semester to provide input and responses to the programs and activities of the Library.  Membership consists of a representation from each department, an undergraduate student representative, a graduate student representative, Library faculty representatives, the Director of the CTLE, the Coordinator of Library Media Resources and Library Administration.  It is chaired by Dr. Marian Farrell of the Nursing Department.

Accounting Dr. Doug Boyle (LAC/LR) Brennan Hall 4047
David Salerno  (ALT) Brennan Hall 318 4314
Art & Music Dr. Josephine Dunn (LAC/LR) O’Hara Hall 614 4016
Biology Dr. Kathy Dwyer Loyola Science Center 253 6386
Chemistry Dr. Michael Fennie Loyola Science Center 493 4231
Communications Dr. Darla Germeroth Saint Thomas 310 7561
Computer Science Dr. Yaodong Bi (LAC) Loyola Science Center 478 6108
  Dr. Bob McCloskey (LR) Loyola Science Center 191 4221
Counseling & Human Services Dr. Lori Bruch (LAC/LR) McGurrin Hall 435 4308
  Dr. Ben Willis McGurrin Hall 441 6172
Economics/Finance Dr. Christos Pargianas (LAC/LR) Brennan Hall 413 7471
Education Prof. Sandy Lamanna (LAC/LR) McGurrin Hall 127 6437
English Dr. Teresa Grettano McDade Center for Performing Arts 215 7659
Exercise Science Dr. Scott Breloff Long Center 106 6745
Health Administration/Human Resources Dr. Terri Freeman-Smith McGurrin Hall 409 6218
  Dr. Ken Zula McGurrin Hall 410 4333
History Dr. Adam Pratt Saint Thomas 309C 7116
Latin American Studies and Women's Studies Dr. Yamile Silva (LAC/LR) O'Hara Hall 311 7778
Management/Marketing Dr. John Zych (LAC/LR) Brennan Hall 411 4239
Mathematics Dr. Maureen Carroll (LAC/LR) Loyola Science Center 314A 6346
  Dr. Masood Otarod (Alt) Loyola Science Center 474 6544
Nursing Dr. Marian Farrell, Chair (LAC/LR) McGurrin Hall 307 4117
Occupational Therapy Dr. Carol Cote (LAC/LR) Loyola Hall (old) 116 6632
Operations/Infor. Manag. Dr. Yibai Li (LAC/LR) Brennan Hall 332 7407
Philosophy Dr. Andrew Lazella LSC 570 4840
Physical Therapy Dr. Tracey Collins (LAC/LR) Leahy Hall 019 4832
Physics/Electrical & Computer Dr. Argyrios Varonides (LAC/LR) Loyola Science Center 151 6290
Political Science Dr. William Parente O'Hara Hall 411 7644
Psychology Dr. Barry Kuhle (LAC/LR) AMH 222 7630
Sociology/Criminal Justice Dr. Harry Dammer (LAC/LR) O'Hara Hall 421 5853
Theology Dr. Nathan Lefler (LAC/LR) Loyola Science Center 473 6544
CTLE Eugeniu Grigorescu, Director Loyola Science Center 575 5519
Library Staff       4008
Charles Kratz Dean of the Lib. & Inf. Fluency      
George Aulisio Assistant Librarian     4000
Sharon Finnerty Media Resources Coordinator     6330
Jean Lenville Assist. Dean of the Library     4009
Sheli McHugh Assist. Lib.     4004
Betsey Moylan Assoc.Lib./Chair     4000
Bonnie Oldham Assist. Lib.     4000
Elizabeth Shomaker Special Collections Assistant     7002
Bonnie Strohl Assoc. Dean     4006
Narda Tafuri Assoc. Lib./Acquisitions     7811
Donna Witek Assist. Lib.     4000
Kristen Yarmey Assoc. Lib.     7003
Caroline Swift  
Stacey Crawford  
Taryn Anthony Chem Grad Assistant