Sample Educational Programs

In the spirit of the Jesuit value of "Cura Personalis" in emphasizing the importance of recognizing the individualized needs of each person, conduct officers will identify developmental sanctions to ensure an educational process for students.  These developmental sanctions are set-up with campus partners as programs and workshops that are designed to educate students on a number of topics (e.g., decision-making, alcohol use/abuse), and attempt to help students avoid subsequent misconduct.  Information regarding some of these these programs/workshops can be found below.

Values in Action

Values in Action assists college students in exploring their personal values and character, and also encourages students to consider one's decision making in connection to one's faith, Jesuit teachings, and membership in The University of Scranton community.  Participants will also learn a formula for decision-making that reflects personal and institutional values.  The program is facilitated in a group setting and offered by the Office of Student Conduct on a monthly basis.

Career Connections

Career Connections provides students the opportunity to engage in conversations with a coach in the Center for Career Development for ongoing career discernment and support, with a goal of gaining increased direction and knowledge for one's career path.  As part of their individualized experience in the program, students may explore career fields, identify internship opportunities, develop a resume/cover letter, and/or utilize tools that will assist in professional identity development.


Offered by the Center for Health Education & Wellness (CHEW), Viewpoints provides students the opportunity to reflect upon their choices related to alcohol use and to consider implications associated with consumption of alcohol.  Facilitated in a group setting, this one-hour session is geared towards students who have been involved in alcohol-related policy violations.
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