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The University of Scranton’s Roche Family Center for Career Development strives to facilitate the process of career choice and acquisition by helping students and alumni focus on a personal sense of meaning and career direction consistent with their unique talents, aspirations, and vision for living.

Our recruiting team is dedicated to helping employers recruit qualified undergraduates, graduate students and alumni for full/part-time employment and internships by providing full service recruiting assistance.

Why Recruit at Scranton?

Why Recruit at The University of Scranton?

What truly sets Scranton apart from other universities is its Jesuit Education. Jesuit education develops the whole person and offers students a well-rounded development of imagination and intellect, the ability to think clearly about what touches their lives, and a sense of solidarity with the needs and concerns of the human community. The Jesuit Education helps develop future leaders and contributors who will be an asset to any organization due to their ability to be:

  • Creative: Driven by a desire to understand the “how and why” and to think at a higher level, The University of Scranton students acquire transferable skills that can be adapted to any industry or environment.
  • Committed: Motivated to succeed and contribute from day one, The University of Scranton students are passionate about whichever profession they pursue.
  • Exceptional: A highly selective admissions process ensures The University of Scranton students are accomplished learners who thrive on challenges, embrace diversity and excel at “out-of-the-box” thinking.

The University of Scranton students and alumni are well prepared for the challenges of the modern workplace and are eager to make a difference in their chosen field. The faculty and staff in Jesuit colleges and universities are inheritors of an extraordinary tradition that still dares to aim at full development of the person. View the National Center for Education Statistics' profile of The University of Scranton for more specific data regarding our students.

Employer Resources

The Center for Career Development understands that each organization’s recruiting needs are different. The Center works closely with organizations to develop a tailored recruiting strategy and build a strong presence on campus. Successful strategies include:

  • Targeting specific student clubs and organizations
  • Holding information sessions
  • Taking part in our Annual Fall and Spring Career Expos
  • Arranging for employer information tables in our Student Center
  • Off-campus and on-campus recruiting
  • Participating in alumni or professional panels

For more helpful information for employers, please visit the following links:

For information on how to schedule an on-campus recruiting event, contact the Career Relations Manager, Rose Jacklinski, at rose.jacklinski@scranton.edu

How to Post Opportunities

Handshake is our online one-stop-shop, giving employers the opportunity to share their brand and opportunities with students and alumni. By creating an account and familiarizing yourselves with our students online, you can make the most of recruiting at The University of Scranton.

If you would like to post a position, view applications, request an event, schedule on-campus interviews, register for career fairs, or update students about your organization, you can do so by creating an account in Handshake, then creating an employer profile for your organization.

Learn more about getting started with Handshake here and using Handshake's guide.

Third Party Recruiting Policy

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