2012-13 Year In Review

Communications Committee

In addition to its regular duties of communicating the activities, accomplishments and events of the Staff Senate to the constituency and administration, the Communications Committee achieved the following.

  • Published the Fall 2012 Staff Senate Spotlight Newsletter.
  • Established a Staff Senate Statement of Purpose for more easily and efficiently communicating what the Staff Senate is and does.
  • Established a Staff Senate logo and new newsletter masthead with the assistance of the Office of Public Relations.
  • Published a Communications Manual (accessible to Senators ONLY) to assist future Communications Committees with completing the work of the committee.

Committee Charge and Membership

Election and Membership Committee

The Election and Membership Committee achieved the following:

  • Recruited and selected 1 staff representative for the University Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Division Committee and 1 staff member for the Student Affairs Division Committee.
  • Recruited and selected 2 staff members to serve on the Sexual Harassment Hearing Panel.
  • Recruited and selected 2 staff members to serve on the Code of Responsible Computing Review Committee.
  • Communicated to the Staff Senate a Call for Suggestions to assist in the planning of the 2013 Employee Party.
  • Reassessed Constituency populations to adjust Constituency Senate Seats where necessary in preparation for the 2013 Staff Senate Election.
  • Collaborated with the Staff Senate Executive Board, Human Resources Department and PIR Division to ensure accuracy in election ballots and constituency specific email lists.
  • Assisted all Constituencies to announce Roundtable events.
  • Recruited and selected 4 staff members for the University of Scranton Earth Week Committee.
  • Recruited and selected 3 staff members to serve on the Committee on the Status of Women.
  • In collaboration with the Staff Senate Social Events Committee, hosted the 2013 Staff Senate Meet and Greet the Candidates Luncheon.
  • Administered the 2013 Staff Senate Election.

Committee Charge and Membership

Social Events and Community Building Committee

1. Collected over 100 boxes of Cereal in October to benefit Leahy Family Clinic
2. Staff Christmas Luncheon was held on December 18, 2012
  • 250 in attendance
  • Over 150 toys that were distributed at the Christmas Day Breakfast on campus
  • $714 collected from basket and 50/50 raffle donated to Center for Service and Social  Justice used for the Christmas Day Breakfast and Friends of the Poor
  • 50/50 amount was $175
3. Meet and Greet of Staff Senate Candidates was held April 2, 2013 for 150 staff
  • Non-perishable food collected and donated to Leahy Family Clinic
  • 50/50 amount was $230 divided between 2 staff members
4. Committee held 3 meetings over the year
5. Committee researched how monies should be handled when donating to a charity

Committee Charge and Membership

Recognition and Excellence Committee

By end of the Fiscal year on 1 June we will have executed a budget of $1500.

During the fall semester we met every month.  We planned the establishment of a couple new awards and helped the Human Resources Office to collect Sursum Corda nominations.  We collected fewer nominations than in previous years and will work with Patricia Day this summer to wargame the process.

During the spring semester we met each month to create two new forms of recognition and to plan / resource the annual luncheon.

  • We produced a certificate for university staff members who have earned a degree in the past year, the certificate is to be presented to recipients at the May luncheon.
  • We established a “ Spirit Award” to recognize good deeds and superior competence/competence by staff members.  We plan to recognize “all who are recommended” on the web, as well as to  provide a certificate and month of reserved parking in a nice spot to each monthly winner.
  • We put together a luncheon plan that features a hearty yet healthy meal, followed by awards and photographs, with a plan for summer publicity of the event.

We also plan to have a privately funded off campus social event in June to plan next years activities.

Committee Charge and Membership

Ad Hoc: Staff Meal Plan Committee

A Debit Meal Plan was established for Staff and Faculty. Employees save up to 6% on all dining on campus by opening an account on their Royal Card, for every $100.00 spent. This is a 6% bonus added to Royal Card Dining Account.

Committee Charge and Membership

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