Much Expected

Standing Committees


The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, President-elect, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Chairpersons of the standing committees. At least one representative from each constituency is included on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is convened by the President when the advice of the Staff Senate is requested in the interim between regular meetings of the full Staff Senate. The committee provides advice to the President on issues before the Staff Senate.

Chair: Mark Murphy
Members: Pauline Palko, Rose Ann Jubinski, Kristi Klien, Amy Black, Michael Ritterbeck, Kelly Cook, Traci Vennie, Gerianne Barber, Andrea Malia, Bernie Krzan


The Communications Committee will improve university wide communication by updating the Staff Senate website and promoting awareness of this website; revisit existing procedures and modify where needed; compose Staff Senate newsletters and distribute to the university staff; plan and conduct communication symposia; and utilize social media for promoting Staff Senate programs.

Co-Chairs: Amy Black and Michael Ritterbeck
Members: Jonathan Kirby, Traci Vennie, Lucy Grissinger, Lynn King Andres, Pauline Palko

Election & Membership

The Election and Membership Committee will fill vacancies on university committees, coordinate Staff Senate elections, and the annual Meet & Greet.

Co-chairs: Kristi Klien and Rose Ann Jubinski
Members: Andrea Malia, Shawn Beistline, Janet Schieber, Meghan Nowakowski, Peter Sakowski


The Finance Committee shall use university funding wisely.

Chair: Kristi Klien
Members: Pat Savitts, Joe Wright

Social Events & Community Building

The Social Events and Community Building Committee will provide community building opportunities among staff with a "welcoming session" for new employees at the beginning of the fall semester, establish a system for contributing money to charities, organize food drives, identify other activities, and review roundtable discussion procedures. Plans also include coordinating with the 125th Anniversary of The University of Scranton activities to avoid schedule conflicts.

Co-chairs: Kristi Klien and Kelly Cook
Members: Grismeiris De Jesus, Brenda Amato, Lynn King Andres, Janet Schieber, Meghan Nowakowski, Pat Savitts, Bertha Ludwikowski, Daniela Teneva, Melissa Eckenrode

Staff Development

The Staff Development Committee will work to ensure the awareness and availability of opportunities for staff that will assist in their personal and professional development. The Staff Development Committee will strive to enhance knowledge and skills with high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities to support The University of Scranton’s vision and mission. The Committee’s goal is to utilize the talent and potential of our University Community in a way that informs, educates, and encourage others to reach their personal and professional goals. 

Co-chairs: Traci Vennie and Geri Barber
Members: Joe Wright, Amy Black, Bernie Krzan, Peter Sakowski, Lucy Grissinger

Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards

The Staff Recognition and Excellence Committee will provide equitable recognition of staff members through the Sursum Corda Award, acknowledge staff who have completed degrees, coordinate monthly Spirit Awards, explore new ways of recognizing staff, review current procedures and coordinate Annual Awards Luncheon.

Co-Chairs: Andrea Malia and Bernie Krzan
Members: Cheryl Evans, Donna Simpson, Peggy Doolittle, Bernie Krzan, Daniela Teneva, Bertha Ludwikowski, Erika Lavelle