Much Expected

Staff Spirit Award / The Meg Cullen-Brown Magis Award

In the formation of a Staff Senate Spirit Award, renamed The Meg Cullen-Brown Magis Award, The University of Scranton Staff Senate has found a way to honor employees who exhibit our Jesuit ideal of “men and women for others.” The award will be bestowed each month to a deserving nominee recommended by our campus community. If you witness a staff member offering excellent performance of their duties or care above expectations, please recommend this individual for this award. 

Magis Award recommendations can be made by completing the nomination card and forwarding it to You could also print it out and send to Peggy at her office in Louis Brown Hall 401.  In addition, nomination cards will be available to Facilities Operations and University Police personnel through their supervisory chains of command. 

The Staff Senate Recognition and Excellence Committee will review the nominees each month and award the deserving employee.

The award in addition to recognition, entitles the individual to a certificate for $50 worth of complimentary food at our fabulous University food service outlets and a reserved parking space for their award month in the Parking Pavilion. Each monthly winner is also invited to the Senate Recognition luncheon in May to receive a certificate of appreciation.

We hope you will join the Staff Senate in recognizing and nominating employees and share our excitement for giving individuals the opportunity to be acknowledged for their outstanding efforts on behalf of our campus community.

Congratulations to Our Recipients & Nominees!

Month Recipient Magis Nominees


Oct Maureen Carlton

Autumn Forgione, Ray Frey, Karl Johns, Jill Lear, Chad McCall, Scott McFadden, Ellen Morgan

Sep Lisa Bealla

Shawn Beistline, Julie Brackeva-Phillips, Brenda Clark, Karl Johns, Barbara King, Dave Martin, Glen Pace

August Laura Richards

Lisa Bealla, Karl Johns, Rose Ann Jubinski, Jill Lear, Ellen Morgan, Glen Pace, Michael Ritterbeck

July Jason Oakey

Shawn Beistline, Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Karl Johns, Dave Martin, Scott McFadden, Laura Richards

June Don McCall

Jill Lear, Maria Marinucci, Dave Martin, Scott McFadden, Katelyn McManamon, Eileen Notarianni, Jason Oakey, Laura Richards

May Colleen McGoff

Lisa Bealla, Shawn Beistline, Valarie Clark, Jon Kessell, Barbara King, Jill Lear, Maria Marinucci, Karen Marx, Don McCall, Scott McFadden, Tracy McFadden, Eileen Notarianni, Jason Oakey, Laura Richards, Mike Ridder, Kevin Stanford, Adam Szydlowski

April Barb Eagen

Stephanie Adamec, Joseph Beadle, Cheryl Collarini, Lynn Gavin, Ann Keeler, Therese Kurilla, Sean Lehman, Aaron Lichtenwalter, Maria Marinucci, Don McCall, Colleen McGoff, Jason Oakey, Laura Richards, Janet Schieber, Christina Whitney

March Tim Meade

Shawn Beistline, Gus Fernandez, Mark Fischetti, Ray Frey, Diane Kennedy, Rob Kennedy, Joe Kitcho, Joe Krisanda, Sean Lehman, Don McCall, Vince Merkel, Lori Moran, Jason Oakey, Crystal Ondrick, Glen Pace, Laura Richards, Tom Salitsky, Mary Beth Watson

Feb Alicen Morrison

Lisa Bealla, Karen Caparo, Christine Falbo, Don McCall, Colleen McGoff, Ellen Morgan

Jan Tom Miller

Lisa Bealla, Tricia Cummings, Don McCall, Colleen McGoff, Patrick Mullarkey, Glen Pace, Debra Price, Tom Salitsky



Dec Kim Hurst

Tara Blaine, Courtney Burke, Synthia Guthrie Kretsch, Kristi Klien, Alex Krist, Don McCall, Tom Miller, Michele Posocco, Debra Price, Patricia Savitts, Alyssa Sumski

Nov Melissa Ketten

Lisa Bealla, Michelle Boughton, John Burke, Elizabeth Chalk, Tricia Cummings, Kristin Durkin, Barb Eagen, Phil Erb, Lynn Gavin, Bernie Krzan, Michele Langan, Aaron Lichtenwalter, Bob Liskowicz, Karen Marx, Don McCall, Tracy McFadden, Ellen Morgan, Eric Morton, Janet Schieber, Reka Shayka, Cynthia Tokash

Oct Gina Butler

Lisa Bealla, Michelle Boughton, Kelly Lunger, Tracy McFadden, Ellen Morgan, Laura Richards

Sep Robert Liskowicz

Gina Butler, Barbara Eagen, Leigh Fennie, Elizabeth Geeza, Will Geiger, Sean Lehman, Kathy Mehall, Ellen Morgan, Jason Oakey, Jason Wimmer

August Lynn Pelick

Gina Butler, Sam Falbo, Lori Flynn, Lynn Gavin, Alicen Morrison, Debra Parry, Patty Pavelitz, Pat Vaccaro

July Michael Ritterbeck

Gina Butler, Tom Cipriano, Amy Driscoll-McNulty, Susan Falbo, Ken Hensel, Rose Ann Jubinski, Jon Kessell, Marguerite Mannion, Kathy Mehall, Lynn Pelick

June Lisa Hall Zielinski

Lisa Bealla, Peggy Burke, Gina Butler, Will Geiger, Barbara King, Joel Krisanda, Alex Krist, Diane Lang, Karen Marx, Ellen Morgan, Deb Parry, Ronnie Passaro, Lynn Pelick, Bob Siock, Kevin Stanford, Adam Szydlowski

May Michelle Boughton

Deanna Beyrent, Gina Butler, Clarence J. Gallagher II, Michael Harrington, Rose Ann Jubinski, Diane Kennedy, Rob Kennedy, Bob Liskowicz, Marguerite Mannion, Kathy Mehall, Lynn Pelick, Laura Richards, Judy Stanton, Mary Beth Watson

April Jennifer Kretsch

"With the transition to working remotely, it is possible that some paper copy submissions may be pending. In an effort to recognize all April nominees, we will do so upon our return to campus."

March Tom Cadugan

Gina Butler, Noelle Drozdick, Barry Eiden, Kym Fetsko, John Garzarella, Gary Lalli, Tracy McFadden, Kathy Mehall, Suzanne O'Donnell, Laura Richards, Hollie Roscioli, JoAnn Stavisky, Linda Walsh

Feb Maryellen Burns

Gina Butler, Noelle Drozdick, Lynn Gavin, Frani Mancuso, Karen Marx, Kathy Mehall, Lynn Pelick, Mary Lou Perri, Kevin Stanford, Adam Szydlowski, Linda Walsh

Jan Daniela Teneva

Gina Butler, Lisa Cornell, Peggy Doolittle, Pam Gavin, Frank Lynott, Kathy Mehall, Lynn Pelick





Alex Maier

Salisa Brown, Lori Bryer, Gina Butler, Tim Crowley, Phil Erb, Jen Galas, Tracy McFadden, Lynn Pelick, Jose Sanchez, Linda Scherer, Daniela Teneva, Pamela Turbessi


Chris Krall

Shawn Beistline, Gina Butler, Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Carlene Coombes, Autumn Forgione, Will Geiger, Colleen Heckman, Ann Keeler, Daniela Teneva, Debbie Zielisnki


Mauri Walsh

Bryant Benjamin, Melissa Eckenrode, Elizabeth Geeza, Mevlida Kasumovic, Kevin Kocur, Jill Lear, Tracy McFadden, Jason Oakey, Mary Ellen Pichiarello, Tom Salitsky, Linda Scherer, Mary Sheils, Casey Steiner, John Williams


Michele Posocco AND Lauren Rivera

Andrew Adryan, Lynn Andres, Barbara Barletta, Maureen Carlton, Kelly Cook, Lisa Cornell, Noelle Drozdick, Jim Gaffney, Will Geiger, Jane Johnson, Gary Lalli, Kathy Mehall, Glen Pace, Laura Richards, Linda Scherer, Bryn Schofield, Robert Siock, Kevin Stanford, Daniela Teneva, Linda Walsh

August Mary Beth Watson

Barbara Barletta, Salisa Brown, Marleen Cloutier, Lisa Cornell, Shonna Emick, Christine Falbo, Terri Golosky, Bill Hurst, Lenore Keeler, Gerry Loveless, Karen Marx, Tracy McFadden, Tracy Muth, Michele Posocco, Laura Richards, Linda Scherer, Mary Sheils, Adam Szydlowski, Daniela Teneva, Mauri Walsh, David Winter

July Melissa Afshari

Lisa Cornell, Amy Driscoll McNulty, Kathy Mehall, Cynthia Parry, Lynn Pelick, Michele Posocco, Kevin Stanford, Rose Striefsky, Adam Szydlowski, Daniela Teneva

June Adam Szydlowski

Marleen Cloutier, Lisa Cornell, Barbara Evans, Lucia Grissinger, Ann Keeler, Tom Kern, Frani Mancuso, Mary Ann Maslar, Tracy McFadden, Kathy Mehall, Alicen Morrison, Debbie Parry, Michele Posocco, Laura Richards, Patty Savitts, Bryn Schofield, Kelly Smith, Kevin Stanford, Daniela Teneva, Mary Beth Watson, Dave Winters

May Kathy Mehall

Lynn Andres, Barbara Barletta, Maureen Carlton, Marleen Cloutier, Lisa Cornell, Peggy Doolittle, Barbara Evans, Jim Gaffney, Elizabeth Geeza, Lauren Gilbert, Marge Gleason, Terri Golosky, Denise Gurz, Ann Keeler, Barbara King, Lisa LoBasso, Debbie Parry, Guy Pilosi, Michele Posocco, Deb Price, Laura Richards, Pete Sakowski, Janet Schieber, Adam Szydlowski, Daniela Teneva, Kyle Thomas, Donna Tucker, Mary Beth Watson, David Winter, Stan Zygmunt

April Janice Mecadon

Dina Angeloni, Janet Bernich, Shawn Bestline, Courtney Burke, Elizabeth Chalk, Valarie Clark, Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Lisa Cornell, Cheryl Evans, Rose Ferrise, Sharon Finnerty, Jim Gaffney, Colleen Heckman, Ann Keeler, Diane Lang, Jill Lear, Tracy McFadden, Kathy Mehall, Thomas Miller, Eileen Notarianni, Jason Oakey, Michele Posocco, Laura Richards, Robert Siock, Paul Snopek, Kevin Stanford, Cathy Staples, Rose Striefsky, Adam Szdylowski, Laura Talerico, Daniella Teneva, John Williams

March Karen Marx

Melissa Afshari, Valarie Clark, Lisa Cornell, Rose Ferrise, Mark Fischetti, Colleen Heckman, Mevlida Kasumovic, Ann Keeler, Bernie Kratz, Alicen Morrison, Michele Posocco, Laura Richards, Kevin Stanford, Adam Szydlowski, Daniele Teneva, Maria Vital, Mary Beth Watson, John Williams

Feb Tara Blaine

Gerianne Barber, Courtney Burke, Elizabeth Chalk, Lisa Cornell, Cheryil Demkosky, Bill Fiorini, Elizabeth Geeza, Michele Langan, Frani Mancuso, Laurie McCoy, Laura Richards, Janet Schieber, Robert Siock, Daniela Teneva, Maria Vital, John Williams

Jan Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch Lisa Cornell, Amy Hoegen, Jeff Kegolis, Jill Lear, Kathy Mehall, Carl O'Neil, Robert Siock, Casey Steiner, Daniela Teneva


Dec Jessica Durkin

Erica Armstrong, Janet Bernick, Tara Blaine, Kathy Boock, Michele Boughton, Courtney Burke, Gina Butler, Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Cheryl Collarini, Lisa Cornell, Megan Davitt, Amy Driscoll McNulty, Barb Evans, Renee Giovagnoli, Synthia Guthrie-Kretch, Amy Hoegen, Mike Judge, Don McCall, Janice Mecadon, Kathy Mehall, Eileen Notarianni, Carl O'Neil, Lynn Pelick, Laura Richards, Janet Scheiber, Ken Smoke, Cassondra Steiner, Daniella Teneva

Nov Chasity Whitmore

Lynn Andres, Janet Bernick, Tara Blaine, Courtney Burke, Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Pat Cooper, Lisa Cornell, Susan Falbo, Gus Fernandez, Elizabeth Geeza, Renee Giovagnoli, Denise Gurz, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Robert Huston, Tom Kern, Jill Lear, Mary Ann Maslar, Tracy McFadden, Janice Mecadon, Kathy Mehall, Barbara Mericle, Tom Miller, Denise Mullen, Eileen Notarianni, Robyn Novitsky, Lynn Pelick, Mike Ritterbeck, Cathy Staples, Daniela Teneva

Oct Glen Pace

Ajisa Alic, Courtney Burke, Carol Cornell, Mark Fischetti, Elizabeth Geeza, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Robert Huston, Tom Kern, John Kirrane, Robert Liskowicz, Cathy McCormick, Tracy McFadden, Janice Mecadon, Kathy Mehall, Eileen Notarianni, Lynn Pelick, Laura Richards, Donna Rupp, Ken Smoke, Mia Collarini Wascura, Chasity Whitmore

Sep Geraldine Loveless

Kathryn Boock, Ken Burns, Lisa Cornell, Jessica Dolde, Will Geiger, Terri Golosky, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Mike Hurchick, Jon Kessell, Christina Lenway, Maria Marinucci, Kathy Mehall, Daniela Teneva, Chasity Whitmore

August Joe Anticoli

Melissa Afshari, Kathy Boock, Lisa Cornell, Una David, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Karen Marx, Kathy Mehall, Patrick Mullarkey, Debbie Parry, Mary Ellen Pichiarello, Zoë Rothrock, Kevin Stanford, Adam Szydlowski, Daniela Teneva

July Diane Gavern

Tara Blaine, Cheryl Collarini, Lisa Cornell, Melissa Eckenrode, Lori Flynn, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Alexandra Maier, Lorraine Mancuso, Maria Marinucci, Mark Murphy, Lynn Pelick, Mary Louise Perry, Michael Ritterbeck, Robert Siock, Cathy Staples, Sheila Strickland, Jason Thorne

June  Tom Salitsky

Tara Blaine, Mary Ellen Burns, Valarie Clark, Lisa Cornell, Christine Falbo, Terri Golosky, Denise Gurz, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, John Kirrane, Jill Lear, Karen Marx, Mary Ann Maslar, Laurie McCoy, Lynn Pelick, Debra Perry, Bob Siock, Cindy Tokash

May Donna Tucker

George Aulisio, Tamara Bautista, Tara Blaine, Lisa Cornell, James Gaffney, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Rose Ann Jubinski, Mevlida Kasumovic, Maria Marinucci, Karen Marx, Cathy Mascelli, Eileen Notarianni, Lynn Pelick, Michael Ritterbeck, Dolores Rozelle, Catherine Sanderson, Catherine Staples, Michael Walsh, Chasity Whitmore

April Susan Shimsky

George Aulisio, Charles Mark Brown, Elizabeth Chalk, Lisa Cornell, Elizabeth Geeza, Thomas Kern, Michele Langan, Maria Marinucci, Karen Marx, Catherine Mascelli, Laurie McCoy, Tracy Muth, Crystal Ondrick, Cynthia Parry, Lynn Pelick, Thomas Salitsky, Madonna Savage, Ryan Sheehan, Mary  Sheils, Kevin Stanford, Mauri Walsh, Helen Wolf

March Lucy Grissinger

Lynn Andres, Joseph Anticoli, Patricia Cegelka, Lisa Cornell, James Gaffney, Daryllyn Kuzmiak, Jill Lear, Karen Marx, Carol Policastro, Janet Schieber, Susan Shimsky, Cassondra Steiner, Victoria Thomas, Joseph Troiani, Thomas Yablonski

Feb Erin Maguire

Melissa Afshari, Joseph Anticoli, Donald Bergmann, Charles Brown, Sarah Connelly, Lisa Cornell, John Gilgallon, Frank Gilmartin, Lucy Grissinger, Ann Keeler, Julia Leighow, Karen Marx, Don McCall, Eileen Notarianni, Mehmed Okic, Laura Richards, Michael Ritterbeck, James Savero, Susan Shimsky, JoAnn Stavisky, Creola Swanigan

Jan Sherry Dougherty Tamara Bautista, Susan Shimsky


Dec Bernard Krzan

Tara Blaine, Cindy Hricko, Mevlida Kasumovic, Robert Keegan, Bertha Ludwikowski, Maria Marinucci, Janice Mecadon, Susan Shimsky

Nov Karen Marx

Lynn Andres, Mary Ann Capone, Valarie Clark, Patrick Cooper, Cheryil Demkosky, Sonya Gesheva, Helen Helbing, Jasminka Hodzic, Bernard Krzan, Theresa Kurilla, Janice Mecadon, Michael Ritterbeck, Mary Sheils, Susan Shimsky, Kevin Stanford

Oct Shannon Murphy Fennie

Tara Blaine, Peggy Burke, Lisa Cornell, Marie Decker, Amy Fotta, Diane Gavern, Pam Gavin, Yuliya Georgieva, Therese Kurilla, Danielle Morse, Robyn Novitsky, Michael Ritterbeck, Susan Shimsky

Sep Louise Ceccacci

Ajisa Alic, Lynn Andres , Ann Barnoski, Tara Blaine, William Burke, Patricia Cegelka, Susan Falbo, Colleen Heckman, Jeff Kegolis, Rob Knight, Karen Marx, Susan McCrea, Kathy Mehall, Ian O'Hara , Ryan Sheehan, Susan Shimsky, Kevin Stanford, Deborah Zielenski

August Cindy Hricko Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Renee Giovagnoli, Debbie Zielinski, Tara Blaine, Frances Ashworth, Donald Bergmann, Gustavo Fernandez, Justin Tambeau, Peter Worsnick, Jadiel Hernandez, Joseph Troiani, Donna E. Tucker         
July  Cathy Sanderson

Tamara Bautista, Janet Bernick, Tara Blaine, Jane Ciehoski, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Kim Hurst, Jeff Kegolis, Melissa Kettens, Jill Lear, Dawn Mazuirk, Dolores Rozelle, Susan Shimsky, Adam Szydlowski, Donna Tucker

June Barbara Barletta

Kenneth Burns, Jane Ciehoski, Kelly Cook, Patricia Cummings, Terri Golosky, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Justine Johnson, Robert Keegan, Robert Liskowicz, Andrea Malia, Karen Marx, Margaret Mazzino, Don McCall, Kathy Mehall, Jason Oakey, John Ochman, Mary Lou Perri, Kevin Stanford, Adam Szydlowski

May Julie Brackeva-Phillips

Kenneth Burns, Jane Ciehoski, Patricia Cummings, Lori Flynn, Dale Marie Giuliani, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Justine Johnson, Rose Ann Jubinski, Kristi Klien, Cathy McCormick, Laurie McCoy, Lynn Pelick, David Rothrock, John Sibio, Judith Stanton, Eve Walsh

April Kathleen Mehall

Tamara Bautista, Janet Bernick, Jane Ciehoski, Donna Cochrane-Kalinoski, Lisa Cornell, Will Geiger, Renee Giovagnoli, Cindy Hricko, Jane Johnson, Jill Lear, Lisa LoBasso, Andrea Manitone, Karen Marx, Dawn Mazurik, Lori Moran, Mark Murphy, Olivia Naugle, Ryan Puksta, Kevin Stanford, Michael Tuffy, Shirley Yaworski, Deborah Zielinski

March Justin Tambeau

Joseph Anticoli, Janet Bernick, Mary Ann Capone, Jane Ciehoski, Cheryl Collarini, Pat Cooper, Julie Ferguson, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Cindy Hricko, Michele Langan, Jill Lear, Charles LeStrange, Maria Marinucci, Karen Marx, Kathy Mehall, David Rothrock, Dolores Rozelle, Cathy Sanderson, Robert Siock, Frank Sislo, Catherine Staples, Adam Szydlowski

Feb Alexander Krist

Jane Ciehoski, Amy Hoegen, John Kirrane, Kathy Mehall, Eileen Notarianni, Bob Samuels, Dana Relation, Mauri Walsh

Jan Catherine Staples

Gina Butler, Mary Ann Capone, Tammi Cherra, Jane Ciehoski, Karen Dolan, Terri Golosky, Cindy Hricko, Rich Krayer, Lisa LoBasso, Tracy McFadden, Kathy Mehall, Adam Szydlowski

Dec Karen Marx

Emily Brees, Theresa Burke, Jane Ciehoski, Barbara Evans, Jamie Hayes, Kristi Klien, Barbara Kreidler, Gary Lalli, Jenny Mateo, Kathy Mehall, Danielle Morse, Molly Piazza, Sean Quinn, Dolores Rozelle, Catherine Staples, Cynthia Tokash, Alex Wasalinko

Nov Charles LeStrange

Barbara Barletta, Erin Bisiciaio, Salisa Brown, Jane Ciehoski, Cheryil Demkosky, Amy Driscoll-McNulty, Will Geiger, Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Tom Kern, Jill Lear, Lisa LoBasso, Karen Marx, Kathy Mehall, Barbara Mericle, Ellen Morgan, Lisa Notarianni, Meghan Nowak, Dan Phillips, Sean Quinn, Kevin Roginski, Jon Ross, Ray Schwenk, Adam Szydlowski, Eve Walsh

Oct Richard Walsh

Erin Bisciaio, Charlene Brudnicki, Jane Ciehoski, John Garzarella, Denise Gurz, Justine Johnson, Robert Keegan, Rob Knight, Jill Lear, Charlie LeStrange, Karen Marx, Danielle Morse, Cindy Pepsin, Sean Quinn, Raymond Schwenk, John Tabor

Sep Salisa Brown

Stephanie Adamec, Erin Bisiciaio, Lauralei Carden, Louise Ceccacci, Jane Ciehoski, Tricia Cummings, Karen Dolan, Barbara Eagan, Diane Gavern, John Harris, Jon Kessell, Rob Knight, Charlie LeStrange, Franni Mancuso, Karen Marx, Cathy McCormick, Julee Modzelewski, Carol Morrow, James Murtha, Dolores Rozelle, Catherine Staples, Michelle Stemrich, Donna Tucker

Aug Andrea Mantione Jane Ciehoski, Kelly Cook, Charlie LeStrange, Doreen Wormuth
July Nicholas DeAntonio Jane Ciehoski, Gary Lalli, Charlie LeStrange, Maria Marinucci, Eileen Siock
June Deborah Hazen Mary Bennett, Charlene Brudnicki, Jane Ciehoski, Jessica Durkin, Charlie LeStrange, Cindy Pepsin, Bryn Schofield, Adam Szydlowski
May Robert Siock Jane Ciehoski, Charlie LeStrange, Karen Marx, Mary Beth Watson
April Geraldine Loveless Maureen Castaldi, Jane Ciehoski, Lori Flynn, Cindy Hricko, William Hurst, Robert Knight, Alexander Krist, Charlie LeStrange, Catherine Mascelli, Kathy Mehall, Mary Ellen Pichiarello, David Schweitzer, Susan Shimsky, Robert Siock, Victoria Thomas, Michael Tuffy
March Kathy Boock Sam Alba, Elizabeth Chalk, Jane Ciehoski, Cheryl Collarini, Carol Cornell, Debbie Cwalinski, Barb Evans, Cindy Hricko, Mike Hurchick, Bill Hurst, John Kirrane, Rob Knight, Charlie LeStrange, Lisa LoBasso, Gerry Loveless, Andrea Mantione, Kathy Mehall, Lori Moran, Tracy Muth, Karen Salitsky, Cathy Sanderson, Tara Seely, Sue Shimsky, Joe Wetherell
Feb Kim Hurst
Jane Ciehoski, Denise Gurz, Therese Kurilla, Karen Kuzmak
Jan Denise Gurz Shawn Beistline, Kathy Boock, Julie Brackeva-Phillips, Janie Ciehoski, Kelly Cook
Dec Shawn Beistline

Jane Ciehoski, Ellen Morgan

Nov Thomas Kern

Shawn Beistline, Theresa Burke, Jane Ciehoski, Debra Cwalinski, Kimberly Hurst, Robert Knight, Adrian Mihalko, Julee Modzelewski

Oct Janine Freeman

Shawn Beistline, Jane Ciehoski, Lori Flynn, Tom Kern, Donna Tucker

Sep Lucia Grissinger

Shawn Beistline, Jane Ciehoski, Peggy Doolittle, Lori Flynn, James Francescelli, Tom Kern, Alex Krist, Todd Parry, and the entire Small Business Development Center staff

Aug Kevin Stanford

Tamara Bautista, Shawn Beistline, Bryant Benjamin, Jane Ciehoski, Tom Kern, Janice Mecadon

July Craig Fedoryk

Shawn Beistline, Peggy Doolittle, Francene Dudziec, Lori Flynn, Tom Kern, Kathy Mehall, Theresa Sandrowicz

June Tracy Muth

Peggy Doolittle, Kathy Mehall, Mindi Rich, Theresa Sandrowicz, Randy Shemanski

May Frank Gard

Shawn Beistline, Julie Brackeva-Phillips, Barb Evans, Craig Fedoryk, Lori Flynn, Debra Jennings, Tom Kern, Karyn Salitsky, David Schweitzer, Cynthia Tokash

April Mary Ann Maslar

Rosemarie Archer, Shawn Beistline, Amy Black, Paulette Burton, Jane Ciehoski, Jessica Adler Errington, Craig Fedoryk, Lori Flynn, Sonya Gesheva, Judith Gunshannon, Bill Kaub, Tom Kern, Bernie Krzan, Cathy Mascelli, Lori Moran, Eileen Notarianni, Helen Otley, Glen Pace, Mary Ellen Pichiarello, Mary Rafter, Donna Rupp, Karyn Salitsky, Eileen Siock, Shirley Yaworski

March Mary Ann Muraca Shawn Beistline, Paulette Burton, Peggy Doolittle, Craig Fedoryk, Janine Freeman, Lynn Gavin, Tom Kern, Joseph Kitcho, Robert Liskowicz, Geraldine Loveless, Carol Morrow, Tracy Muth, Glen Pace, Callie Rimpfel, Catherine Schneider, Ryan Sheehan, Susan Shimsky, Richard Trygar, Eve Walsh
Feb Brian Griguts Shawn Beistline, Peggy Doolittle, Craig Fedoryk, Pam Gavin, Lucy Grissinger, Tom Kern, Vince Merkel, Tracy Muth, Helen Otley, Jerry Peck
Jan Linda Smith

Andy Adryan, Amy Black, Morocha DeGonzales, Amy Driscoll-McNulty, Susan Falbo, Janine Freeman, Geraldine Loveless, Jerry Peck, Melinda Rich, Donna Tucker