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The DeNaples Center

The Rev. Bernard R. McIlhenny, S.J. Ballroom - Section A, B, C


The particians between each section are not soundproof.  An event can occur in Section A and Section C at the same time.  Section B is the sound buffer.

Capacity of One Section:

  • 80 served or buffet dining
  • 70 served or buffet dining with bar
  • 196 lecture with podium and beverage table


  • Each section has a ceiling projector and screen
  • See entire ballroom for more specific information

Building Code:  TDC

Room Codes:  407A, 407B, 407C

Two Ballroom Sections

Capacity of Two Sections:

  • 230 served dining
  • 200 served dining with a bar
  • 190 buffet dining
  • 180 buffet dining with a bar
  • 364 lecture with 8' x 12' stage and beverage table


  • See information above or for entire ballroom

Building Code:  TDC

Room Codes:  407A/B, 407B/C

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