Loyola Science Center

PNC Auditorium

Capacity:  167 seats with space available for 6 wheelchairs

Recommended Events: 

  • Lectures and meetings
  • Presentations
  • Receptions in the lobby

Set Up:  Stationary theater seating

Food Service:  In lobby only - food service is not permitted inside the room

Accessible:  Yes


  • Desktop computer
  • Projection system
  • Sympodium annotation device (allows you to annotate over your computer based presentations like PowerPoint, Word or Excel)
  • iPod input
  • Blue Ray/DVD (no VCR)
  • Wireless internet
  • Touch panel control system
  • Ability to do dual screen presentations from two different sources, i.e. laptop and PC or DVD and PC (the options would be to have one large screen or two slightly smaller screens side by side)
  • Technology Support Center needs to be contacted to configure the room to accommodate anything other than single screen presentations
  • Full range sound system with low frequency reinforcement
  • Podium microphone & wireless microphones - contact the Technology Support Center for microphones
  • Vestibule outside the room for food service
  • Four wood classroom tables and 10 chairs setup by submitting a work order
  • Catering work room assessible from the foyer
  • Telephone - contact the Technology Support Center to confirm line activation
  • Air conditioned
  • Available evenings

Building Code:  LSC

Room Code:  133

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