About The Annual Report System

The University's Annual Planning and Reporting System is designed to facilitate, connect, and document the processes of reporting annual achievements and activities; establishing and monitoring progress toward goals; sharing assessment results and their application; and preparing and submitting resource requests for all organizational levels. The process serves as an important tool, and archival resource, to further and demonstrate our collective work in supporting the mission and goals of the University.

The process launches in mid-spring of each year, with cascading reports submitted to and reviewed by academic and administrative leadership during the summer months. Those preparing, submitting, and reviewing reports are expected to use them in departmental and interdepartmental discussions, taking what is captured within documents off the page and directly into planning and decision making activities. 

  • Academic department chairpersons use the Annual Report System to submit their annual program learning assessment reports, along with other educational effectiveness assessment materials.
  • An important part of the process is the ability for departments to link their plans and resource requests directly to the University's strategic plan and institutional learning outcomes. Aligning departmental, college, and divisional progress related to these institutional goals helps us to measure and inform our institutional improvement and effectiveness.
  • In spring 2022, coinciding with the launch of a new campus-wide plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, supporting the University Strategic Plan's goal and objectives for DEI, the University incorporated a call for all administrative and academic departments to share reflection on how they are supporting, or plan to support, these as part of each Annual Planning and Reporting Cycle.


The Annual Planning and Reporting Cycle opens each spring on or around April 1. View the spring 2023 timeline, here.


The University has utilized a home-grown technical platform for annual planning and reporting since 2000. The design and content of the platform has changed incrementally over time to address changing needs.  In collaboration with the Information Technology division, the Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness launched a new online tool to replace the longstanding foundational technology in 2019. Based on prior assessments, the new templates and process retain key components related to planning, resource requests, and other aspects of institutional renewal, while addressing needed improvements through a refreshed design.  The reporting process is managed conjointly by the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, and the Office of Institutional Reporting and Data Analytics.  

Access the Annual Planning & Reporting System (my.scranton credentials required)

For More Information

General Questions? Access or Navigation Issues? Need University Data? Contact the Office of Institutional Reporting & Data Analytics: richard.walsh@scranton.edu

Questions about Planning or Non-academic Assessment? Contact The Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness: Kathryn.yerkes@scranton.edu

Questions about Budget planning and requests? Contact the Office of Finance: patrick.donohue@scranton.edu

Faculty - Questions about Academic Program Assessment/Learning Outcomes Assessment Reporting? Contact the Office of Educational Assessment (OEA): assessment@scranton.edu

Technical Issues? Contact the Technology Support Center: techsupport@scranton.edu

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