About The Annual Report System

The University's Annual Report System is designed to facilitate and connect the processes of reporting annual departmental activities, setting and monitoring of departmental goals and objectives, budget planning and requests, and personnel requests.  Each year, academic and administrative department heads submit an annual report that reflects on the progress made toward meeting objectives set in the prior year, and identifies goals and objectives for the next two years.  Departments also make budget and personnel requests for the coming fiscal year. 

An important part of this process is the ability for departments to link their goals, objectives, and requests for funding and staffing directly to the University's strategic plan, strategic planning principles, and their divisional, college, and departmental planning efforts. Reporting outcomes and progress related to these goals helps us to measure and inform our institutional improvement and effectiveness.

In collaboration with the Information Technology division, the Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness is currently working to develop a new online tool to replace the longstanding electronic Annual Report System. Based on prior assessments, the new tool and process retain key components related to planning, resource requests, and other aspects of institutional renewal, while addressing needed improvements, all offered through a refreshed design. More information about the new tool and process, including training resources, will be available in the spring of 2019

Current Annual Report TemplatesSubmission of each annual report is through a secure link in the University's my.scranton portal.

Academic Report Template

Administrative Report Template

Since its inception, the System has served as the means for academic programs to submit program-level student learning assessment findings, and assessment plans for the next academic year.  Following its creation in 2014,  Office of Educational Assessment (OEA) has worked with the faculty and leadership of each college to determine new assessment reporting processes in concert with the Comprehensive Plan for the Assessment of Student Learning. Department chairs should contact the OEA directly regarding program level assessment reporting processes and any support they might need.

 Annual Report System Orientation

Academic Report Guidelines 

Administrative Report Guidelines

Access the System via the my.scranton portal, "University Links" channel.  

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