Business Continuity Impact Analysis System Guidelines

To enter the system, first log into the Annual Report, (found on the University Links tab in and click on the last button, entitled Business Continuity.

Before you enter!! ….. Department heads need to consider their operational processes and functions, and choose the most important, mission-critical of these processes for entry into the business continuity system. (Maximum of 10)

After you have chosen your most important functions, you will need to have the following data ready to enter into the system:

(New for 2010) Parent Function– The Parent function is a primary function. If any sub-functions exist, each sub-function (i.e. child) should be entered separately into the system, and can then be associated with the Parent function through the use of this field. Each Parent function may have multiple child functions, or may have NONE.

(New for 2010) Related Departments - are other departments that have a role in this function. Please choose from the drop-down list any other University departments that play a major part in the entered function. You may select more than one department by holding the CTRL key down while you click on each applicable department in the list.

(New for 2010) UseFrequency - is the frequency with which you perform this function. Values should be entered into 2 sub-fields: Number and Unit. The idea is that you specify the number of times you perform this function per "Unit" where Unit = Day, Week, Month, Term, or Year.

Allowed Downtime – The maximum amount of time this function can be unavailable (measured in hours, days and/or weeks)

Rank – Assign a rank to each function. If you enter five functions, you’ll need to rank these functions from 1 through 5. If you do not rank them, the system will rank them for you, based upon allowable downtime (see above).

Groups Impacted – Indicate all of the constituent groups that would be impacted if this function was not available: Administrators, Alumni, Faculty, Parents, Public, Staff, Students, Vendors, or Other

(New for 2010) Institutional Risk - What is the risk to the University if this function cannot be reinstated within the allowable downtime? Values are: Financial, Regulatory, Reputation, and Operational Productivity.

Essential Services– Which of the following University services are required for your department to perform this function?

You will have ability to select whether access to this service is required on-campus or if the function could be performed if remote access to the service was available (e.g. from home or another location). You must also supply a brief description of ‘why needed’ for each selected essential service.

Selecting building access implies that all basic utilities such as water and electricity are available in the building.


Impact analysis guidelines

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