Brand Identity

This space is dedicated to understanding and implementing our unique brand, which is more than just a logo or a color palette – it's the essence of who we are as an institution, and the impression we leave in the minds of our students, faculty, alumni, and the wider community.

Our brand identity communicates our core values, mission, and vision, embodying our commitment to academic excellence, our Catholic and Jesuit tradition, and our dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive community.

This page provides comprehensive guidelines on how to accurately represent and maintain our brand identity across various platforms and mediums, ensuring consistency and recognition. From our logo, typography, and color scheme to the tone and style of our communications, each element is a crucial part of our identity.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can collectively present a unified and powerful brand image that truly captures the spirit of the University of Scranton. Whether you're a staff member preparing official university communications or a student organization promoting an event, we all play a role in shaping our brand's perception.

We invite you to explore these guidelines and use them as a resource in your work. Thank you for your part in maintaining the integrity and strength of our brand.

Learn About Our Typography 




These are the most common colors used on our site. All components used is pulling from this list

Purple hsl(274, 42%, 30%);

Light Red hsl(11, 73%, 65%)
Teal : hsl(181, 41%, 58%);
Gold: hsl(37, 70%, 59%)
Teal Dark: hsl(181, 37%, 55%)
Red: hsl(11, 73%, 55%)


Our banners should have a resolution of 1280x533 pixels. They should consist of single, unaltered photographs, without any text overlay. Collages or photoshopped groupings of photos are discouraged. We maintain a gallery of pre-approved images that meet these specifications, which is available for use. This approach ensures our banners maintain a consistent and professional visual standard across all platforms.

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