Undergraduate Courses

C/CJ 200 - Forensic Science

Designed for law enforcement majors as well as science majors, this is a study of the rules of evidence and the position of the expert scientific witness in law, followed by a review of the uses of scientific and particularly chemical, evidence in various phases of the investigation and trial of criminal actions.

CHEM 112 - 113 - General and Analytical Chemistry

A study of the laws, theories, and principles of general chemistry together with qualitative and quantitative analysis.

CHEM 112 - Course Syllabus

CHEM 370 - Instrumental Analysis

Instrumental methods of analysis consisting of theory and application of such instrumental techniques as spectroscopy, polarography, and instrumental titrimetry.

CHEM 370 - Research Paper

CHEM 370L - Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

Experiments involve application of modern chemical instrumentation and techniques of quantitative analysis.

NSCI 103 - The Ascent of Man

Science and technology from the ancient Greeks will be discussed from the personal viewpoint of the scientists and inventors. Lectures will be supplemented by films, demonstrations, and field trips.

CHEM 493 - 494 - Undergraduate Research

Individual study and research in connection with a specific chemistry of biochemistry problem. Results must be written as a thesis and defended before the department

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