Book Reviews

Mujer y poder en el siglo XIX: La vida extraordinaria de Juana Catarina Romero, cacica de Tehuantepec. By Francie Chassen-López. Reviewed in Historia Mexicana LXXIII:3/291 (ene-mar. 2024). ISSN 2448-6531. DOI:,4469.

Local Church, Global Church: Catholic Activism in Latin America from Rerum no-varum to Vatican II. By Stephen J.C. Andes and Julia G. Young, eds. Reviewed in Journal of Jesuit Studies 4 (2017): 729-732. 

Religious Transformations in the Early Modern Americas. By Stephanie Kirk and Sarah Rivett, eds., Reviewed in The Catholic Historical Review 102:2 (Spring 2016): 437-439. 

Mothers Making Latin America: Gender, Households, and Politics Since 1825. By Erin E. O’Connor, Reviewed in Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 40:2 (2015): 315-317.

Object and Apparition: Envisioning the Christian Divine in the Colonial Andes. By Maya Stanfield-Mazzi, Reviewed in Canadian Journal of History 50:1 (Spring-Summer, 2015): 188-190.

Violent Delights, Violent Ends: Sex, Race, & Honor in Colonial Cartagena de Indias. By Nicole von Germeten. Reviewed in The Americas (2014). In press.

Gender and the Negotiation of Daily Life in Mexico, 1750 - 1856. By Sonya Lipsett-Rivera. Reviewed in Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, 29:2 (Summer 2013): 545 - 548; 559.

New Worlds: A Religious History of Latin America. By John Lynch. Reviewed in Journal of World History, 24:2 (June 2013): 453 - 455.

Religious Pluralism, Democracy, and the Catholic Church in Latin America. By Frances Hagopian, ed. Reviewed in Journal of Church and State, 52:4 (Autumn 2010): 740 - 743.

All Can Be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World. By Stuart B. Schwartz, Reviewed in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, 20:16 (May 17, 2010): 27.

The Imagined Underworld: Sex, Crime, and Vice in Porfirian Mexico City. By James Alex Garza. Reviewed in The Hispanic American Historical Review 89:2 (May 2009): 370 - 71.

Conversation of a Continent: Contemporary Religious Change in Latin America.By Timothy J. Steigenga and Edward L. Cleary, eds. Reviewed in Journal of Church and State, 50:2 (Autumn 2008): 595 - 597.

Problems in Modern Latin American History: Sources and Interpretations. by John Charles Chasteen and James A. Wood, eds. Reviewed in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, 15:26 (September 26, 2005): 54.

Simón Bolívar: Liberation and Disappointment. By David Bushnell. Reviewed in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, 14:20 (July 12, 2004): 41.

State and Society in Spanish America during the Age of Revolution. By Victor M. Uribe-Uran, ed. Reviewed in The Americas 59:1 (July 2002): 124 - 125.

Born in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America By John Charles Chasteen, Reviewed in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, 12:12 (March 25, 2002): 46

Colonial Lives: Documents on Latin American History, 1550 - 1850. By Richard Boyer and Geoffrey Spurling, eds. Reviewed in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, 11:14 (April 23, 2001): 52.

Mexico's Hidden Revolution: The Catholic Church in Law and Politics Since 1929. By Peter Lester Reich. Reviewed in Religious Studies Review, 23:4 (october 1997): 420.

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