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Journal Publications

  1. Ahmed Gomaa and Satya Prattipati. Reviewers Ranking as a Variable in Value Creation: Health Care Case, Journal of Applied Business and Economics Vol(23)(1). (2021) 
  2. Ahmed Gomaa and Satya Prattipati. Use of Cryptos to Create Innovative Supply Chain Ecosystem: An Entrepreneurship Case. Operations Management Education Review. Vol(13) PP 97-122. (2019)
  3. Satya Prattipati and Ahmed Gomaa. A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of the Indicators in the Network Readiness Index (NRI). Journal of International Technology and Information Management. Vol (28)(2).PP 17-50.  (2019) 
  4. Ahmed Gomaa, Mohamed Gomaa, and Ashley Stampone. A Transaction on the Blockchain: An AIS Perspective, Intro Case to Explain Transactions on the ERP and the Role of the Internal and External Auditor. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. Vol (16) (1). PP 47-64. (2019) 
  5. Jinghan Cai and Ahmed Gomaa Initial Coin Offering to Finance Venture Capital: A Behavioral Perspective. The Journal of Private Equity.Vol (22)(3). PP 93-101. (2019) 
  6. Ahmed Gomaa, The Creation of a Cryptocurrency to Support Disintermediation. Operations Management Education Review Vol(12). PP 63-100. (2018). 
  7. Ahmed Gomaa and Elizabeth Cosgrove,” The Cross-Roads to Digital: Newspaper Models and the Change to an Industry.” European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol(6)(2). PP 36-51. (2014)  
  8. Ahmed Gomaa, Paukett, Rachel and Dattel, Andrew,” A Scoring Tool for Websites – A Case of Sustainable Organizations.” European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol(6)(1). PP 1-14. (2014) 

Book Chapters and Monographs

  1. Ahmed Gomaa and Yibai Li. The Major Themes of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from 2016-2018 and a Five Layer Stack Model of the Market Landscape: A Latent Semantic Approach. Monograph: Enterprise in the Global Economy: Challenges of the Current Global Environment. ISBN 978-88-85813-77-9 (2020).
  2. Satya Chattopadhyay, John Ruddy, Ahmed Gomaa. Enhancing Engagement and Business Continuity in an Entrepreneurship Program: A Blockchain Solution. Monograph: Enterprise in the Global Economy: Challenges of the Current Global Environment. ISBN 978-88-85813-77-9 (2020)
  3. Ahmed Gomaa and Satya P. Chattopadhyay. Entrepreneurship Program on the Blockchain: An Experiment. Monograph: Enterprise in the Global Economy: Challenges of the Current Global Environment. ISBN 978-88-85813-77-9 (2020)
  4. Ahmed Gomaa, Chaogui Zhang, Muhammad Hasan, Mary Beth Roche, and Shaun Hynes,
    “Supportive Glucose Sensing Mobile Application to Improve the Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Monitors” Vol. 8549. Smart Health, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-319-08415-2 (2014)

Conference Proceedings

  1. Ahmed Gomaa, Salem Boumediene, Mohamed Gomaa, Magdy Farag. The Creation of One Truth: Single-Ledger Entries for Multiple Stakeholders Using Blockchain Technology to Address the Reconciliation Problem. 49th Western Decision Sciences Institute ( WDSI 2020). Portland, OR (2020). link.
  2. Ahmed Gomaa and Satya Prattipati, Reviewers Ranking as A Variable in Value Creation: Health Care Case. 50th Annual Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI 2019). New Orleans, LA (2019). Session Chair. link.
  3. Ahmed Gomaa, A DRM Solution for Online Content Using Blockchain - A Music Perspective. The Ninth International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation (INFOCOMP 2019). Nice, France (2019). link.
  4. Ahmed Gomaa, Global Digital Asset Assurance Digital Currency: A DRM Solution for Streaming Content Using Blockchain. Sixth International Conference of Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology (ACSIT 2018), Vol. 8 PP. 01 - 11. Dubai, UAE (2018).– Session chair . link.
  5. Ahmed Gomaa, Daniel Sputa and, Rex Dumdum. A Data Mining Model or an Effective Trading System. The Society of Business, Industry, & Economics annual conference, SOBIE 2012 PP. 4-11. Destin, FL (2012)
  6. V. Janeja, V. Atluri, A. Gomaa, N. Adam, C. Bornhoevd and T. Lin., “DM-AMS: Employing Data Mining Techniques for Alert Management.” NSF National Conference on Digital Government, PP. 103-111. Atlanta, GA (2005)
  7. N. Adam, V. Atluri, S. Chun, A. Gomaa, A. Paliwal, and M. Youssef, “Semantic-based Incident Management System.” Working Together: Conference on Public/Private R&D Partnerships in Homeland Security. Boston, MA (2005)
  8. A. Gomaa, N. Adam and V. Atluri, “Adapting Spatial Constraints of Composite Multimedia Object to Achieve Universal Access.” IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Systems and Networking (WMSN), in conjunction with the 24th IEEE International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference (IPCCC), PP. 519-525. Phoenix, AR (2005)
  9. A. Gomaa, N. Adam and V. Atluri, “Color Time Petri Net for Interactive Adaptive Multimedia Objects.” 11th International Multimedia Modeling Conference (MMM), PP. 147-157. Melbourne, Australia (2005)
  10. V. Atluri, N. Adam, A. Gomaa and I. Adiwijaya, “Self-Manifestation of Composite Multimedia Objects to Satisfy Security Constraints.” ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), PP. 927-934. Melbourne, FL (2003)
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  12. A. Gomaa and E. Mostafa, “Documenter: A Simple Geographical Information System.” ACM Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA) PP.183-184. Minneapolis, MN (2000)

Conference Presentations (2013-Present)

  1. Ahmed Gomaa. Transforming Data Access, Structure, Security, and applications. IEEE 6th World Forum on Internet of Things, New Orleans, Louisiana, (2020)
  2. Ahmed Gomaa and  Satya P Chattopadhyay, Entrepreneurship Program on the Blockchain: A Proposed Framework. 18th International Conference on Social Sciences.  Lisbon, Portugal (2019)
  3. Ahmed Gomaa, Satya Prattipati, Ranking Online Reviewers As A Variable In Value Creation 2018 INFORMS International Conference. Taipei, Taiwan (2018)
  4. Ahmed Gomaa, Jim Biagi Initial Coin Offering: An AIS Teaching Case American Accounting Association 2018 Blockchain Technology: Emerging Issues Forum San Francisco, USA (2018)
  5. Ahmed Gomaa, Jim Biagi and, Doug Boyle Accounting Information Systems Teaching Case. AIS Educator Conference Colorado, USA (2018)
  6. Ahmed Gomaa, and Murray Pyle. Learning outcomes from the use of publisher-specific tools in business statistics. NABET 2017, Pennsylvania, USA (2017).
  7. Ahmed Gomaa, Ranking online reviewers as a variable in value creation. NABET 2017 Pennsylvania, USA (2017)
  8. Ahmed Gomaa, A new model for personalized health care solution for health policy0 The Fourth Global Conference on Public Policy and Administration. Cairo, Egypt (2015)
  9. Ahmed Gomaa, Personalized Healthcare and Health Policy Formulation (Panel Chair). The Fourth Global Conference on Public Policy Cairo Egypt (2015)
  10. Taghreed Faydi and Ahmed Gomaa, Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice - Information Security Awareness. NABET 2015. Pennsylvania, USA (2015)
  11. Ahmed Gomaa and Ali Alhamdan, Analyzing Historical Exchange Rate. Informs Conference, The Business of Big Data, San Jose, California, (2014)
  12. Ahmed Gomaa, Daniel Sputa, Rex Dumdum, Data Mining Models Comparison for Predicting the Stock Price with a Focus on Industry Segmentation.13th Annual RISE Forum. Ohio, USA (2013)
  13. Ahmed Gomaa, Daniel Sputa, Rex Dumdum, Harnessing Data Mining Models to Enhance Trading Effectiveness. Institute for Public Policy & Economic Development 2013 Research Symposium Pennsylvania, USA (2013)
  14. Ahmed Gomaa, To develop the supporting technologies for an artificial pancreas. INFORMS Healthcare 2013 Chicago, USA (2013) 

Patent applications

  1. Method and System for Ranking Journaled Internet Content and Preferences for Use in Marketing Profiles (US Patent Number: 20100042612) (2010)
  2. Method and System for Integrating Rankings of Internet Content and Consumer Media Preferences for Use in Marketing Profiles (Int Patent Number: WO / 2009/048937, 04/2009, US Patent number: 20090125397), with Dr. Sotirios Ziavras from New Jersey Institute of Technology and Dr. MZ Hasan from Texas A & M University. (2009)
  3. Cross-Platform Digital Rights Management Providing Multi-Level Security Information Flow Tracking (US Patent Number: 20090125722), with Dr. Depen Sinha from ATC Labs (2009)