Chapel Garden

Awarded Grants

  • (Gomaa, Ahmed PI -2020-2021) National Science Foundation. I-Corps: A data capture and management technology to transform data access, structure, and security. $50,000.
  • (Gomaa, Ahmed co-PI 2020-2021) Internal Research Grant. Scranton Coin Tools. $3000
  • (Gomaa, Ahmed, PI – 2013-2014) Murray Award for Research and Development for 2013-2014. An Independent Wireless Drug Delivery and Monitoring Device and App for Improved Insulin-Pumps. $4,000
  • (Gomaa, Ahmed, co-PI – 2013-2014) Northeastern Pennsylvania Technology Institute (NPTI), Market Analysis and Patent Search for New Technologies Supporting Technologies for an Artificial Pancreas, $3,000
  • (Gomaa, Ahmed, co-PI – 2012-2013) MPAC GLOBAL INITIATIVES, 2012/2013 – Marywood University. Guatemala: Social Responsibility, Ethics, and the Nutrition Transition in the Developing World “with Diana Cuy Castellanos, Sarah Kenehan and Muray Pyle. $5,000.
  • (Gomaa, Ahmed, co-PI – 2012-2013) Marywood Internal Research Fund. Student work. Supporting Technologies for an Artificial Pancreas, $2000
  • (Gomaa, Ahmed, co-PI – 2012-2013) “What Elements Should Be Considered When Designing Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Materials for New Media?” With Wanda Reyes, Jessica Bachman Research initiation fund 2012/2013 - Marywood University. $6,000.
  • Gomaa, Ahmed, PI – 2008-2009) “iPointTV: Bridging the Communication Divide by Connecting Online and Offline User Behavior for Targeted Online Marketing”, New Jersey Commission for Science and Technology, $45,000 (05/2008)
  • Award winner, “iMediaStreams: Unlocking Online Communities”, Rutgers Business Plan Competition, $15,000 (04/2007)
  • Research grant recipient, “Multimedia Content Customization Based on Spatial Constraints”, Rutgers Business School Research Grant, $10,000 (06/2005)