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Policing the World (2nd edition) (with John Casey and Michael Jenkins) Carolina Press, 2018

Crime threats are increasingly global and all police agencies must now routinely deal with transnational and international issues such as terrorism, e-crime, and human trafficking. Police officers often find themselves working closely with colleagues from other countries either as part of international investigations or on assignment with one of the increasing number of police contingents deployed in peacekeeping and capacity building roles.

This book covers the three key areas of the international dimension of policing: comparative policing and the creation of international “good practice” cooperative efforts to respond to emerging transnational and international crime threats; and peace operations and capacity building in post-conflict and transitional societies.

For more information on this book see  https://cap-press.com/books/isbn/9781611635706/Policing-the-World-Second-Edition


Pennsylvania’s Criminal Justice System (Mary Brewster and Harry Dammer, Editors)  Carolina Press, 2014

Pennsylvania’s Criminal Justice System provides a comprehensive overview of the crime trends, criminal law, and the criminal and juvenile justice processes within the Commonwealth. The text describes the structure and role of the state's federal, state, and local level police, courts, and corrections agencies. Also addressed in the book are crime victim services within Pennsylvania, as well as the important rights afforded to victims through the Crime Victim's Act and other legislation. This text affords the undergraduate student reader a deep understanding of the structure and processes of Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system — far beyond that which can be provided by a generic, non-state-specific text. The book is also an excellent resource for law students who anticipate practicing within the Commonwealth.

For more information on this book see https://cap-press.com/books/isbn/9781611634600/Pennsylvanias-Criminal-Justice-System


Comparative Criminal Justice  (5th edition) 
(with J. S. Albanese) Wadsworth-Cengage Publishing, 2014.

With its innovative topical approach, bestselling COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS, 5e offers a comprehensive analysis as it compares the various criminal justice systems throughout the world using six model countries: China, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. The text illustrates the different types of law and justice systems while exploring the historical, political, economic, social, and cultural influences on each system. This unique approach examines important aspects of each type of justice system--common law, civil law, socialist law, and sacred (Islamic) law--to give students a thorough understanding of the similarities and differences of each system without overloading them with too much information. Completely up to date, the Fifth Edition includes the latest trends and issues in international juvenile justice, policing, and terrorism, including expanded coverage of such high-profile topics as human trafficking, Internet pornography, identity theft, transnational policing, and more.

For more information on this book that discusses international crime and justice issues see the web  https://www.cengage.com/c/comparative-criminal-justice-systems-5e-dammer/9781285067865 


Managing the Offender in the Community 
(with Todd R. Clear) Thomson Wadsworth Press, 2003.

Looks at new and traditional approaches for safely bringing past criminal offenders into the community. Covers standards approaches such as parole and probation, as well as new sanctions and risk management, with chapters on classification of crimes and criminals, diversion, juvenile offenders, and promoting justice in the community. Study aids include chapter summaries, key terms, and discussion questions.

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