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Bio 347 - Syllabus


Course:Biology 347. Exercise Physiology. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Biology 245. General physiology

Instructor: Dr. John R Conway

Textbooks: Fox's Physiological Basis for Exercise and Sport 6th Edition by Foss and Keteyian. WCB McGraw-Hill, 1998.

Course Description:

The course will examine the anatomical and physiological effects of exercise on the human body. A central theme is that performance is largely determined by the capacity to generate energy through aerobic and anaerobic pathways. We will investigate the effects of heredity, age, gender, nutrition, training, and environment on performance. The course will explore how exercise can be used to diagnose, retard the development of, and treat diseases and facilitate recovery from injury. It will emphasize the multidimensional role of exercise in weight control, cardiovascular fitness, stress management, fatigue, and strength development. Laboratory demonstrations and fitness evaluations may be scheduled.

Course Evaluation:

Exam 1 100 pts
Exam 2 100 pts
Final Exam 100 pts
Research Report 50 pts.
Participation 50 pts.
Total 400 pts.

Research Report: (50 points)

Each student is required to locate a recent scientific article on a topic mentioned in the reading assignments and present a short oral report (5-10 minutes) on the information in the textbook and the article on the date when this topic is scheduled. Only one report is to be given per lecture period. Topics must be selected before the end of the second week of class. The report should summarize textbook information (give pages) and article information on an overhead transparency. Indicate whether the articles agrees or disagrees with information in the textbook. Summarize the article in one sentence at the end of your report. Turn in your notes, overheads, and copy of the article. Another option is to conduct an exercise-related experiment and report on the findings. The experiment must be selected in consultation with the instructor.

Participation: (50 points)

Each student will receive a participation grade (0-50 pts.) based on his or her answers to questions over the assigned reading. The instructor will ask about five questions over assigned reading each class period to students selected at random and grade their responses.

Grading Scale:

Grade Percentage Total Points
A 93-100 372-400
A- 90-92 360-371
B+ 87-89 348-359
B 83-86 332-347
B- 80-82 320-331
C+ 77-79 308-319
C 73-76 292-307
C- 70-72 280-291
D+ 67-69 268-279
D 60-66 240-267
F below 60 below 240
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