Claudette Williams

Claudette Williams is a mother, president of the Mount Pocono Borough Council, a Police Commissioner, Chair of the Monroe County Democratic  Committee, and a 30-year US Army Sergeant Major (Retired).

Claudette was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica and immigrated to Booklyn, New York at an early age.  She worked hard to provide the best life for herself and her family.  She enlisted in the US Army Reserve to serve her country.  She moved out of New York to Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania in 1998.  In 2003, she was called to active duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2018, Claudette ran for the 176th House District here in Pennsylvania.  When people asked her: "Claudette after putting your life on the line under fire in Iraq, why do you want to bother with a mess like Harrisburg?" her answer was simple: "As a retired veteran, I realize that my duty as a citizen and leader has not ended.  I feel the need to serve my community in a new capacity, which is why I want to make my mark as a legislator.  I want to continue giving back to this great commonwealth in the House of Representatives with the same dedication I gave to the US Army."


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