FAC Table Team

Negotiating Team (Ratified 10/21/21)

  • Terry Sweeney (Lead Negotiator), Biology
  • Michael Jenkins (FAC Officer), Criminal Justice
  • Stacey Muir (Fac Chair), Mathematics
  • Christos Pargianas, Economics/Finance
  • Jason Shrive, Criminal Justice
  • Steve Szydlowski (FAC Officer), Health Administration and Human Resources
  • Joan Wasilewski, Chemistry

Steering Committee

  • Ovidu Cocieru, Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
  • Tara Hamilton-Fay (FAC Officer), Biology
  • Robyn Lawrence, Accounting
  • Jerry Muir, Mathematics
  • Ian O'Hara, Library
  • Adam Pratt (FAC Officer), History
  • Lori Walton, Physical Therapy
  • Jill Warker, Psychology
  • Dan West (FAC Officer at time of appointment), Health Administration and Human Resources
  • Hank Willenbrink, English & Theatre
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