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The Houlihan McLean Center

The Houlihan McLean Center, situated at the corner of Mulberry St. and Jefferson Ave. in downtown Scranton, serves as the home for Performance Music at The University of Scranton. The building was previously owned by the Immanuel Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church, and underwent extensive renovations after being acquired by the University in 1986, transforming it into a musical performance facility which includes concert, recital and rehearsal halls. Dedicated in 1988 as home to the Performance Music department, it is named in celebration of the many contributions of Professors Daniel J. Houlihan and John J. McLean. 

The main floor of the building houses the Aula (an approximately 650 seat concert hall), the Atrium (a flexible floor plan recital/reception hall), The Wycliffe A. Gordon Guest Artist Hospitality Suite, recording/sound tech equipment room, the Steel Drum and Percussion Ensemble rehearsal area, and a handicapped accessible restroom.

The top floor of the building contains the balcony areas of the Aula and Atrium, The Nelhybel Collection Research Room, and the organ loft and organ chamber.

The ground floor of the building includes a large rehearsal hall, small ensemble areas, a musicians lounge, practice rooms, offices, music library, and secure instrument storage and repair areas, all dedicated to use by the Performance Music department, as well as restroom facilities and building maintenance and storage areas.

The Aula concert hall and Atrium rehearsal/recital hall are home to an historic Steinway B grand piano, a Steinway L grand piano, a Steinway M grand piano, a recently restored Zuckermann single manual transposing harpsichord, and a fully and brilliantly restored Austin Opus 301 symphonic organAll of these instruments have been obtained and rebuilt or restored through the generosity of our donors. Built in 1910, the 3,178 pipe organ is one of very few authentic examples of fully restored early 20th-century American symphonic organs. Since the organ's restoration, concerts enjoyed by students, faculty, staff, and members of the greater Scranton community have included internationally renowned organists, student ensemble performances of significant instrumental and choral works with organ accompaniment, and even a national radio broadcast featuring the instrument.

(A funding campaign is currently underway to create an endowment to secure the futures of these instruments. To donate, please click here.)

--- Piano and harpsichord rebuilding/restoration, maintenance, and tuning by Joseph D'Alessandro (West Pittston, PA)
--- Organ maintenance, repair, and tuning by  Emery Brothers/Dieffenbach Organs (Allentown, PA)
--- Organ restoration 2005 by Patrick J. Murphy & Associates (Stowe, PA)  

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