Dr. T. Terry James


Dr. T. Terry James

T. Terry James stands with Fr. Panuska as his degree citation is read.


The language of music is understood by more people than any spoken language, including the language of this citation. Hence, the composer, the creator of music, has the potential to reach more human beings than does any other communicator. For some composers, and Terry James is one of these, music is a reaching out in love. This helps explain why his composition for Julius Caeser: A Work in Progress is more than a supremely effective piece of theatrical music: it is emminently capable of standing alone, as are all of his compositions. We value it as we value a young child, not only for the ends that it may serve but also for the miracle that it is. 

Holder of a bachelor's and a doctor's degree from Oxford, Terry James has studied composition and conducting under some of the greatest masters. During the last twenty-eight years he has, in the intervals between his compositions, conducted some of the world's most famous orchestras. 

Some have a great talent for expressing themselves in music, but few of these are great teachers as well. In one month at this university, Terry James touched the lives of our students. Having worked for decades with major orchestras, not only did he never lose patience with our student performers, he was himself a major source of wit and calm in a chaotic time. Realists see what is; idealists see what could be. Great teachers such as Terry James routinely bridge the gap.

We, the President and Trustees of the University of Scranton, in solemn convocation assembled and in accordance with our chartered authority, proclaim

Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa   

that he may enjoy all the rights and privileges of this our highest honor, we have issued these letters patent under our hand and the corporate seal of the University on this twenty-ninth day of May in the one hundredth year of the University and the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Eight.

Marilyn Coar, Secretary
J.A. Panuska, S.J., President

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