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Program completion is a Department function that requires acceptance of a hard copy portfolio and interview.  For undergraduates, the completion of curriculum requirements is congruent with graduation. For graduate or second degree students, completion of curricular requirements must be at or before graduation  Graduation is a University function that requires an application to the University of Scranton.  Certification is a state (Commonwealth of PA) function that requires an application to Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). 

 As you are approaching graduation, your next step is to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for your Pennsylvania Professional Educator Certification.  There are two processes required when applying for a Pennsylvania professional educator certificate.  Students must 1) complete the Request for Recommendation for Professional Educator Certificate and 2) complete the Pennsylvania Department of Education Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) online application process.   

Note: Graduates of the University of Scranton’s teacher education programs may be eligible for certifications offered by other states.  Pennsylvania has signed an Interstate Agreement through the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification which facilitates certification in other states.  States’ requirements vary and are subject to change without notice, therefore; it is strongly recommended that students who wish to obtain certification in a state other than Pennsylvania, obtain certification requirements for the state(s) in which they wish to pursue certification by reviewing the respective state department of education’s website(s). We encourage you to contact the appropriate state licensing agency to seek guidance and verify requirements before beginning a program and during your program of study.

Click on the link below to view the Certification Requirements: 

 Certification Requirements


Certification Areas:

The University of Scranton Education Department offers Certification in 3 areas. Please consult the areas below for more information.

Instructional I (Elementary and High School Teaching Certification)
Education Specialist

The Certification Application Process

The Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)
TIMS Application Booklets
TIMS User Guides
Before You Begin
Four Main Steps to TIMS Process

Certification Testing:

Certification Testing
GPA Praxis Frequently Asked Questions

GPA Praxis Qualifying Test Scores

Praxis Preparation Materials
Composite Score Options

PECT Materials

Interstate Agreement

Instructional Add-Ons

Helpful Hints:
Education Department Certification Q & A’s
Advice for Test Takers

Certification Officer Contact Information: 

Vanessa Ann Ferrance, D.Ed., BCBA-D
Certification Officer
University of Scranton
Address: McGurrin Hall 141
Email: vanessa.ferrance@scranton.edu
Telephone: 570-941-5810
Fax: 570-941-5515