The department has the following policy for internship and academic credits.

1. Normally no academic credits will be given for a student internship. If, however, a company requires that in order to successfully complete an internship a student must receive academic credit, the student can register for a one-credit course. The department chair will approve these internships.

2.  Only in exceptional cases a student may receive three academic credits for an internship. In such a case all of the following requirements must be satisfied:
   (i)    The internship must be supplemented by rigorous academic work supervised by the facultysupervisor who is specialized in the subject area. 
   (ii)    The majority of the full-time faculty must vote in the affirmative to approve three academic credits for the internship.
   (iii)    The department chair or any faculty, who wishes to serve as the faculty supervisor can present the internship proposal for departmental review.
   (iv)    Every effort will be made to use the three credits (if approved) in the free area or as extra.

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