First Year Seminar

Life of the Mind

The First Year Seminar (FYS) seeks to introduce incoming students to the richness of intellectual life, particularly as this life is shared in the Scranton community. During a given academic term, numerous Life of the Mind opportunities are available both on our campus and within the city of Scranton If students can become aware of this life and experience it directly on a few occasions in their first year, they can form habits that will enrich their time at The University of Scranton. With this in mind, the FYS encourages students to attend various Life of the Mind events


Life of the Mind Events take a number of different forms including lectures, panel discussions, plays, concerts, films, art exhibitions and others. The FYS Coordinator vets and approves suggested events. These are then listed online at the List of Events and Activities website, which includes the titles, location, and time for the events.

You can also subscribe to an Outlook calendar of events here

Sending in Life of the Mind Events

To suggest events to the FYS Coordinator, please click on this link for the form.

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