Student Services

Tutoring Services

The CTLE Tutoring Program directs all tutoring activity towards creating an environment that encourages and supports student learning and development. The goal is for students to become self-regulated learners.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a safe space where students can work on their papers and assignments while receiving help from well-trained peer consultants.  We can help guide you through every stage of the writing process, from prewriting to revising.  You do not have to have a draft to visit the writing center!

Reading Services

Now that you’re in college, you’re reading much more than you ever did in high school.  You’re tackling unfamiliar subjects and being asked to work with the material on an advanced analytical level.  This is a tough transition!  You’ll need some strategies that will help you to learn quickly and efficiently.  The CTLE’s Reading Specialist can help.

Students With Disabilities Information

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) works with students to provide support they may need to have a rewarding and successful experience at Scranton. The CTLE is home to the University’s ADA Committee which determines whether a student is eligible for services and, if so, coordinates appropriate accommodations based on documentation provided by the student and other relevant professionals. We are fully committed to offering our students with disabilities access to programs, facilities and services on an equal opportunity basis.

Course Evaluations

Instructions for students on how to complete course evaluations through the my.Scranton portal.

Gonzaga Program

Gonzaga students are part of a cohort group for the required Gonzaga coursework which provides smaller class sizes for personalized attention from professors and a collaborative peer support network. In this setting, students can grow their knowledge and skills while working as part of a community and developing leadership skills.

ESL Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) is dedicated to providing our international students with support in speaking, reading, listening, and writing English. Through our Conversation Partners Program, Talking Groups, and ESL Workshops, the CTLE provides a safe and comfortable environment for English Language Learners looking to enhance their academic experience by strengthening their language skills.

Work Study

The CTLE hires workstudy students for three different positions: Peer Tutor, Writing Consultant, and Technical Consultant.

Student/Faculty Teaching Mentorship

The principal purpose of the Student/Faculty Teaching Mentorship Program (SFTMP) is to offer student the opportunity to be involved in faculty instructional activities. The SFTMP allows students to learn about college-level teaching in ways that transcend the traditional roles of faculty and students.

Rose Kelly Award

The Rose I. Kelly Award was established by University of Scranton Alumnus, Joseph Wineburgh, Ph.D., to link the efforts of educators to the achievements of college students. It is an award presented jointly to a student in each undergraduate college who has completed two years at the University and to the teacher who he or she recognizes as having had a great impact on his or her life. The student selected by each college will have demonstrated exemplary achievement in both academics and in general campus involvement.

Frank O'Hara Award

Frank O'Hara awards are presented to first, second, and third-year undergraduate students with the highest grade point average in each of the four undergraduate colleges of the University; and to graduate students with the highest grade point average who are approximately halfway through their program of study in the areas of  business, counseling, education, humanities, health administration/human resources administration, Scranton education online, science, and physical therapy. The award  is named in honor of the late Frank O'Hara, who served the University for 53 years in various administrative positions.

Online Tutorials

Tutorials for study skills & research, Desire2Learn, Microsoft Office, CMS, and other various technology.

Technology Services

The CTLE offers Instructional Technology Services to faculty and students in the teaching and learning environment.

Student Services Assessment

The student services provided by the CTLE are assessed every fall and spring semester.  Hearing directly from the students is the best way to know what we do well and what needs to be improved.  The survey used for each of the services has been the same for the last 5-7 years, making a semester to semester comparison useful and direct.  To that end, a look across multiple years, made easier by the use of the same instrument, is instructive and a good measure of the effectiveness of our efforts.

CTLE Brochures

Various brochures detailing the services available in the CTLE.


Last Modified: March 19, 2021