Temporary Impairment Services

Temporary Impairment Accommodations and Services are available to students when needed. The CTLE engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews request for accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis.


The CTLE may also assist students who have a temporary injury or condition, which results in temporary functional limitations. Examples may include concussions, broken bones, injuries requiring surgery, acute illnesses, and pregnancy. Assistance is determined on a class-by-class basis and is dependent upon the nature of each course and the method of instruction and the student's temporary condition. Temporary adjustments may also include changes in housing and navigation of the Scranton campus. Accommodations are extended to students for the duration of their condition, as determined by a medical provider.


Since temporary conditions can occur at any point during the semester, the timing can significantly impact the accommodation options available to the student. Timely and open communication with the CTLE, faculty and other campus offices, as needed, about the nature and duration of the condition and requested assistance can often result in satisfactory solutions to the short-term issues caused by the injury or condition. Students with temporary injuries or conditions are encouraged to contact the CTLE to determine accommodation options.


You will then be responsible for requesting academic accommodations in a timely manner and following CTLE policies and procedures for accessing accommodations.


1. Students with disabilities who wish to request temporary or emergency accommodations should log onto our accommodate platform and upload the required documents.

  • Documentation should be current and consist of an evaluation by an appropriate physician or health care provider that describes the current functional impact of the condition or disability as it relates to the temporary accommodation requested.
  • The physician/health care provider cannot be a family member.
  • The University of Scranton reserves the right to request additional documentation if the information does not address the student’s current level of functioning, or substantiate the need for modifications or accommodations.

2.Documentation from a medical provider can be uploaded here: LINK

3.The ADA Committee will review the information received from your health care provider and decide to grant or deny the accommodation. If your temporary accommodation request is approved by the ADA Committee, you will be notified by email of their decision.

4. Upon receipt of this information, the student, CTLE staff, and staff at the University of Scranton will work collaboratively to address the student’s special needs. The University will engage in an individualized, interactive process with a student, prior to making a determination on the request.

Last Modified: June 21, 2021