CTLE Resources

The Writing Center - The Writing Center offers students the opportunity to improve their writing skills. Consultants will work with students on all aspects of writing including planning and drafting, organizing ideas, revising for clarity and coherence, editing for correctness, working with and integrating sources, and much more.

Reading Services - The Reading Specialist offers individual assessment and instruction to assist students to develop and/or enhance effective reading comprehension strategies.

Tutoring Services - Tutoring, an integral part of the CTLE, provides individual and small group tutoring sessions for students to become self-regulated learners. Self-regulated learners are individuals who have the ability to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes which facilitate their learning process. Peer tutors direct all tutoring activity towards creating an environment that encourages and supports student learning and development. The CTLE staff provides formal training for tutors followed by conistent support throughout the semester.

Instructional Technology Services - Students interested in obtaining assistance with technology in teaching and learning such as Blackboard navigation, web page development, or assistance with PowerPoint can contact the CTLE Instructional Technology and Enrichment Specialist or visit the Resource Lab (STT 589).

Last Modified: May 09, 2018