Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment is an essential component of the educational experience, and the way in which teachers and students can gauge student knowledge and success with the material. Class assessments should be integrated into the learning experience and in fact can (and often should) be a learning experience in and of themselves. 

We can work together to ensure that your assessments are properly aligned with your course objectives, and that the learning environment sets students up for success. We will lean on the “backwards design” approach, which ensures that assessments are integrated into the pedagogical practices of the course, by linking assessments to learning objectives, and designing educational activities which support student success in the assessments.

 Rubrics Creation and implementation guidance:

                Rubrics are a powerful tool for assessing practical skills. A properly designed rubric allows you to objectively and accurately assess the student’s performance at the skill. We can provide assistance in designing rubrics, norming rubrics that will be used by multiple examiners, and evaluating the quality of rubrics.

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