Student Feedback

Student feedback groups can be a powerful way to open up meaningful and constructive conversations with students. The goal of feedback groups can vary, and the structure can be formal, as in a “Small Group Instructional Feedback” (SGIF) setting, or informal, as a focus group discussion. Either way, I will moderate the discussion based on topics and questions that you and I have determined ahead of time.

SGIF groups and informal focus groups can be held in or out of class time. Prior to the group, we will meet to discuss your goals, any specific issues you would like feedback on, and any questions or concerns you have.  After, we will meet again to discuss the results and any potential action steps based on the results. If desired, we can set up an additional meeting after the action steps have been implemented in order to investigate the results of the changes.

Student Reflection Groups:

Different from focus groups and SGIF groups, which garner feedback from current students, Reflection groups invite past students to discuss the course, its impact on their success in the rest of their program, and their thoughts about the course in retrospect. As is sometimes the case, particularly in very “difficult” courses, students don’t appreciate the effort involved until they see the fruits of that effort, either in their success in related courses, their retention of the material, or their enhanced understanding of their program of study. Engaging students in conversation after they have had a chance to see the results from your class can give you valuable insight into which educational strategies were most beneficial for students’ long term success. This feedback can also provide you with information to share with current students if they are struggling or otherwise unable to see connections that will be made clear later.

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