Alumni News


Alexandra Patrullo '17

 I am participating in a year-long internship program at the Manhattan Institute for graduate students who wish to pursue careers in policy research. My work includes providing research assistance for the Education Policy and Mental Illness Policy departments. I am using the skills I learned in research methods and statistics to analyze data and conduct literature reviews. I am excited to be applying the concepts I studied as a sociology major at the University of Scranton to New York City’s urban issues.


Dunmore Commanding Officer, Class of 1998, Fisher, is in FBI Special Agent Trainee class 2017-02. Coyne and Paris are students in the FBI National Academy, Session 267, a 10 week worldwide executive level leadership academy, the graduates of which represent only 1% of law enforcement nationally. Hohmann was at the FBI Academy for training as well.

Bradley Gilmore

BradleyBradley Gilmore, graduated from The University of Scranton in 2008, with a degree in criminal justice. Upon graduating he began his law enforcement career as a police dispatcher. He became a police officer in February 2011 with the Ridgefield Park Police Department in Bergen County, NJ. Bradley received extensive training in narcotics and trafficking trends which allowed him to lead the department in narcotic-related arrests. In September 2017, he was recruited by the Bergen County Prosecutors Office Narcotics Task Force and currently works as part of an elite and highly trained unit that targets drug smugglers on Interstate 95 and Interstate 80. Bradley also serves as the vice president of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association and organizes law enforcement training throughout the state of New Jersey. He also trains law enforcement officers all over the country on aftermarket hidden compartments and drug trafficking trends for Street Cop Training, LLC. Bradley thanks The University of Scranton for providing him with the tools needed to succeed in life!