Links for preparing to apply to Law School

Below is a compilation of websites that provide information that will help you with the application process including: prospective schools, statistics on these schools, application advice from current lawyers, help with preparing for the LSAT, and other helpful information.

Law School Admission Council Home Page ( provides the following information for prospective law school students

  • LSAT Dates and Deadlines
    Offers information on where and when to take the LSAT
  • Preparing for the LSAT
    Provides direction in choosing a preparation course and other alternatives for preparing for the LSAT.
  • Contact LSAC
    The LSAC provides contact information on their site to answer questions and help solve problems that individuals interested in law school may have.
  • Applying to Law School
  • Choosing a Law School
    The LSAC provides useful information on their site that can help prospective law school students narrow down their choice of schools according to test score, finances, geographical location, and by major areas of study at the schools.
  • Register for the LSAT
    Anyone interested in taking the LSAT can sign up for the test right on the LSAC website.
  • LSAC News and Announcements
    This portion of the LSAC website provides the latest news and announcements from the Law School Admissions Council to keep prospective law school students informed of any changes that may affect their law school application process.

Princeton Review Home Page ( provides the following services and information for prospective law school students

  • Schools and Programs
    Provides detailed information on every law school and its programs.
  • LSAT
    Provides information for test dates, locations, and times.
  • Academic tutoring
    Helps partner prospective law school students with LSAC accredited tutors for the LSAT.
  • Careers
    Gives an extensive list of career opportunities for lawyers which is helpful for prospective law school students in deciding on an area of focus for their studies.
  • Scholarships and aid
    Provides scholarship and financial aid information to help you find ways to pay for law school.
  • Study abroad programs
    Gives a list of law schools and the study abroad programs that they provide.
  • Opinions and advice
    One of the most unique and helpful part of the site, this section provides user generated opinions on law schools and their programs and advice for choosing schools and scoring high on the LSAT.

Kaplan Test Prep and Admission LSAT page ( provides some of the following services for those interested in applying to Law School and preparing for the LSAT

  • LSAT Instructor led tutoring
    • Kaplan offers a variety of different instructor led LSAT preparation courses, some of their most popular offerings are
      • LSAT Summer Intensive- takes place at Boston University from July 5th to August 14th, includes 300 hours of LSAT instruction and 6 full length practice LSATs
      • LSAT Classroom – Kaplan’s most popular offering, it includes 35 hours of LSAT instruction with 4 practice LSATs spread over 14 classroom sessions
      • LSAT Advanced- designed to help those who have already taken the LSAT score even high, the course requires a previous LSAT score of 158 or higher to enroll and includes 56 hours of instruction with 24 hours of testing spread over 20 classroom sessions
  • LSAT Private Tutoring
    • LSAT Private Tutoring offers the most personalized preparation available with an expert tutor guiding you through a program customized especially for your particular needs and goals
      • Allows you to set the schedule and pace in conjunction with your tutor, the course is available in 15, 25, and 35-hour packages and additional hours can be purchased separately. The course also features 4 full-length practice LSATs proctored under test conditions
    • LSAT Online Courses 
      • For the time-strapped prospective Law School student, the best option may be an online-based preparation course. Kaplan offers two main options for online preparation, LSAT Online and LSAT Premium Online.
      • LSAT Online- Study wherever and whenever you want with 24/7 Online help from Kaplan's LSAT Academic Advisors. Course provides online lessons and quizzes and allows you to practice on your own with 6 full-length exams.
      • LSAT Premium Online- includes 35 classroom instructional hours and 16 testing hours spread across 14 online sessions. 10 Classroom sessions with 4 full-length practice LSATs.

Pre-Law Handbook “A Guide to Law School” (

Law School Rankings

  • Provides rankings for the top 50, top 100, as well as tier 3 and tier 4 law schools to give applicants a better idea on where to apply
  • Statistical information on Law School applicants
  • Provides statistics on how many students have applied to law school in past years, where they are applying, and where applicants are applying relative to their LSAT scores

Law School Application Advice

  • Offers a section with advice on every step of the application process from advice on the appearance of your application to advice on what to do if your are wait-listed

The Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors (

  • The Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors (NAPLA) is the oldest and largest of the six regional pre-law advising associations.
  • NAPLA currently has approximately 400 members, including undergraduate pre-law advisors from schools in the northeast and throughout the nation.
  • NAPLA's goals are:
    • to advocate the interests of pre-law undergraduate students and institutions in the counseling and admissions process leading to law-related careers
    • to improve the skills of pre-law advisors, and
    • to try to develop and increase the lines of communication between and among pre-law advisors, law school admissions officers and other law-related organizations.
  • Provides the following resources on their website:
  • NAPLA has prepared a "Pre-Law Guide" (PDF file) ( for those considering the legal profession, for undergraduates preparing for legal study, and for candidates applying to law school.  The Guide is designed to help at each stage by providing accurate and up-to-date information. The guide includes information on:
    • Exploring your interest in Law
    •  Preparing for Law School
    • Determining where to apply
    • Understanding admissions criteria
    • Applying to Law School which includes:
      • LSAT information
      • LSDAS information
      • Advice and guidance on the application, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and filing your applications
    • Considering admissions decisions
    • Financing Law School
    • Legal career checklist
    • Legal career resources
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