Cultivate Relationships with Professors

Communicate With Your Professors

In order to get a good letter of recommendation from your professors they are going to have to get to know you. 
Here are a few easy tips for allowing your professors to get to know you:

1.Actively participate in class. You can do this by raising your hand frequently during class, asking questions, giving examples, and expressing your opinions about the class materials.

2.Talk to you professor outside of the classroom.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Participate in activities outside the classroom that interest you like service projects and trips; clubs related to the classes you enjoy taking and topics that interest you, sports, and student council. There are many extracurricular activities offered at the University of Scranton for you to explore and participate.

Professors moderate many extracurricular activities and this out-of-the-classroom environment is conducive to forming good relationships with them.

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