Filling out the application is quite possibly the most important step in the extensive process of applying to law school.  The many steps are all equally important.  You must check and double check to make sure your application is mistake free because this will certainly not help your chances when being evaluated. 

Meet with Pre-Law Advisor (Dr. Matthew Meyer)

A prospective student meeting with Dr. Matthew Meyer while applying to law school will get answers to questions such as what school to apply to (specific to your needs), when and where to take the LSAT examination, possible concentrations, and any other questions pertaining to the application process. During this meeting Dr. Matthew Meyer can also help with the law school decision process as well as any problems that may occur during the application process.

Setting up an Online Account with LSAC

The website you will want to visit to find information is  On the LSAC home page you will be able to find useful information about choosing a school, taking the LSAT, and financial information.  In order to gain full access to the website, you must set up an account. Once you become a member of this site, LSAC will send you emails with updated information such as test dates and locations.  For more information please refer to the section in this website "Helpful Websites when Considering Law School".

Use Our Easy to Follow Checklist to Guide you Through the Process

Our checklist helps you organize information typically asked on law school applications.  Here you can find our link to the Checklist

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