Josh Zadoyko


Physics Major, Mathematics Minor
Class of 2018

Tell us about your current position.

I work at SDG Group, an IT consulting firm whose primary clients are in the pharma and healthcare industries. My official job title is business intelligence consultant, but what I would say is I am a program developer with the following tasks/responsibilities:

  • Use extract, transform and load techniques to create and update applications according to data requirements
  • Manage projects and organize meetings with clients to understand the requirements and deliver the applications requested
  • Create dimensions, measures and business critical KPIs using Qlik for performance analysis
  • Develop reporting and dashboarding tools for companies in Qlik sense

The important thing, in my opinion, to take out of this list of responsibilities is that I am working on the technical end of the business, while also communicating to non-technically orientated business employees about the issues/concerns/successes, etc. of the project at hand.

Why did you choose Scranton for your major?

I grew up in a small town and loved the small class atmosphere. I was able to grow a very strong relationship with two professors (Dr. Serna and Dr. Mulhall) because of the small school atmosphere.

What do you like about your major specifically?

Everything, I liked knowing everyone in my field, knowing that I could ask anyone for help and they would be willing to, and the teacher-student relationships that existed. I was able to work on three research projects during my time at Scranton because my teachers were willing to work with me. 

How has it helped prepare you for the real world, do you think?

Dr. Serna offered to help me learn to program and show me the power behind having a fundamental knowledge of basic programming practices. Dr. Mulhall let me and encouraged me to think abstractly, which is one of the main reasons I was able to get employment so quickly.

One of the most powerful tools any new graduate can have is the ability to learn and adapt into a new environment, one of the advantages I had with a degree in physics is that this type of mindset and training is developed at the undergraduate level. It also helps to have a positive attitude, something that every teacher I was in contact with at Scranton had expressed. 

I think that while I am appreciative of the education I received, at the end of the day, college is what you make of it. If anyone leaves Scranton and says they got nothing out of it or "why do I have nothing to put on my resume?" they weren't active enough or didn't care, Scranton offers so many great tools to develop a resume. 

Sidenote: Use the resume builder workshop! It was great

Overall, I rate my experience for preparing me for the real world a 10/10, I met great people, made great connections, and learned many valuable lessons.


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