Kerry Williams


Electrical Engineering
Class of 2014

Engineering Internship, Sanofi Pasteur

During the Summer and Fall Semester of 2013, I was engaged in a Co-Op program at Sanofi Pasteur in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania. Globally headquartered in Lyon, France, and North American headquarters in Swiftwater, PA, Sanofi Pasteur serves as the vaccine division of the Sanofi Group. As a global company, Sanofi Pasteur has the broadest available range of vaccines, protecting against 20 infectious diseases, both Bacterial and Viral. Sanofi Pasteur produces 1 billion vaccines each year, making it the largest company in the world devoted entirely to vaccines.

I worked in the Industrial Operations / Information Solutions department on the Project Management team for a Process Data Warehouse project. The Process Data Warehouse served to house information on different stages of manufacturing processes. I worked with various different departments to deliver a solution that satisfied the end user’s requirements.

My roles fell under project coordination and business analyst work. Project coordination required me to distribute project elements, update project schedule, work with others to meet deadlines, served as a scribe in meetings, and various other duties. As a business analyst, I trained users on use of the Process Data Warehouse tool and facilitated the transfer of the tool and worked on the functional design of a data capturing source system. Overall, I gained a vast amount of experience which I will be able to use in my career as an engineer.

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