Joshua Toth

Biophysics Major
Class of 2020

Why did you choose to come to The University of Scranton?

For me, Scranton was the best combination of factors when choosing a college. I received a full scholarship, it is close to home, and the Biophysics program is a great track for my desired eventual profession of Biomedical Engineering. The campus and community always left a great impression on me every time I visited before making a college decision. 

Now that you are a student, what do you like most about the University?

I like the people and the sense of community at Scranton best. After only one year I got to know almost every professor in the biology, physics/EE, and chemistry departments and made great friends. Class sizes are reasonable and I felt it was easy to establish a niche as a first-year student, something I do not feel would have happened as quickly at other universities. 

What do you like most about your program?

I like the flexibility of the Biophysics program most as it allows for a customizable education to fit my specific interests. Apart from the gen. eds., there are not too many specific course requirements which leave lots of space for electives. I like this because I have a wide variety of interests in the sciences and I also feel this sort of mobility is crucial for the field, which is constantly changing as new areas of medicine and technology are explored.

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