Vincent Oliverio


Computer Engineering Major, Mathematics and Leadership Minor
Class of 2020

Current Internship

I'm working on software, as well as software testing for a private student loan company. I am learning a lot about the virtual security and importance of encryption in this job, as well as new coding languages and techniques.

Why did you choose Scranton for your major?

I chose Scranton for a couple reasons. We have a smaller class sizes here which allows the professors to focus on the students more. Most of my professors know me by name even if I have not been in the class for a couple semesters. While our school size is small, our alumni network is extensive, and there are many opportunities for internships as well as jobs for graduating students. There's also no better place to study an Electrical Engineering branch than the Electric City!

What do you like about your major specifically?

Computer Engineering has helped me develop as a critical thinker, algorithmic thinker, and as an ethical thinker. I learn a lot about technology, but also about what it means to be an engineer professionally and how to work with others. My Math and Leadership minors have also helped me to develop and hone the skills I need to make me a successful Computer Engineer.

How has it helped prepare you for the real world?

As a Computer Engineering major specifically, I love to learn about how we came to the technology that we use everyday, as well as where our technology is heading in the near future.

Engineering as a whole is a great balance of math, science, and leadership; which means pursuing an engineering degree can open many engineering and non-engineering opportunities outside of school. An engineering major develops and trains skills that can help him or her to become a lawyer, doctor, professor, or entrepreneur.

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