Peter Kulick


Electrical Engineering Major, Mathematics and Chemistry Minors
Class of 2019


I am doing research in the computational physics lab on battery chemistry on the molecular level. I am currently writing Python scripts to analyze data, and eventually will create and run simulations on my own.

Electrical Engineering at The University of Scranton

Due to the small number of students in the major, there is a sense of cooperation among students, enhancing the learning environment. The relationships between students and professors is also a reason I chose Scranton, because each student can get the personal attention they deserve.

It turns out that students in the major will almost always become friends and hang out outside of class. This starts the beginning of Freshman year when everyone takes the Fundamentals of Physics and Engineering Class when you get your first big project to work on. That is something you do not get at a large, extremely competitive university. We also learn material for the sake of learning at Scranton, not just for the grade, following the Jesuit ideals.

Looking to the Future

Scranton has definitely helped me prepare for the real world. This is not only through the necessary engineering skills taught in class, but also through those skills you may not immediately think of. There are lots of presentations in my classes and that prepares you for the workplace. The small class sizes help you learn teamwork, which is crucial in engineering projects in the real world.

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