Nicholas Hook

Engineering Management Major
Class of 2020, MBA

Tell us about your current position.

I am currently interning at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. I am working in the Strategy, Portfolio & Comm Ops department for the United States and Canada regions out of the Collegeville headquarters. My jobs in this internship can vary, but include editing and evaluating startup manuals (can include the setup of iPads, computers, etc.), monitoring learning apps for new hires in the company and creating digital learning systems for new hires and/or changing products.

Current research/work

I am currently working on two separate projects. For the first project, I am working with the headquarters in India to convert all of the learning modules/tests from one learning system to a new learning system. In this project, I am head supervisor and I review everything newly made in the new learning system to make sure everything matches up with the last one, works correctly and is able to smoothly run in the new system. This new application is going to be used to train new hires on new products for all of the workers in the company for the United States and Canada. The second project I am working on is helping the Canada headquarters redo and freshen up their learning modules for their workers.

Why did you choose Scranton for your major? 

I chose Scranton for two reasons. The first is that it was one of a few schools that offer this major, which is a newer major. The second is that I heard only good things about it and I found out that there are many beneficial interaction opportunities with the professors and smaller classes where you can be more engaged.

What do you like about your major specifically? 

I like is the versatility of my major. I am able to delve into engineering as well as business. I also understand everything engineers do and go through so I am able to sit down with engineers and be able to contribute to discussion and or ideas to new or existing projects. I'm also able to understand the business side of everything.

How has it helped prepare you for the real world, do you think?

This internship will help tremendously. I am working with professionals on actual real assignments that are going to help and affect the company.  I am also given big projects that have deadlines which makes me realize the demand for corporate positions in such a big company. The last thing this internship will do is highly increase my communication and project management skills in order to use them effectively on a corporate level. I am in charge of reviewing an entire team to make sure everything going into the new learning program is working perfectly, to then publish it for the workers of this company to use. I get to communicate with people all over the world and I get to be a part of the management of important projects.

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