Gabrielle M. Bingener '24: Finding Independence in The Lab

I am a neuroscience major with a minor in biochemistry and a concentration in health humanities. I am also a member of the Magis Honors Program.

This summer I had the opportunity to attend The University of Utah’s Summer Program for Undergraduate Research. This program was funded through the NIH and included opportunities for full-time hands-on lab experience and professional development through networking, graduate school and job preparation Zooms.

I personally had the chance to work with Dr. Jan Kubanek on his projects involving neuromodulation using focused ultrasound. The 10 weeks that I worked with his lab allowed me to understand the intersection between neuroscience and biomedical engineering while at the level of a R1 institute. I was able to get training for working with mice, and able to use technologies such as brain slicing, resin 3D printing, electrophysiology, and special confocal imaging. 

How Scranton Prepared Me

Working at The University of Scranton with Dr. Jong-Hyun Son showed me how to be confident and independent in a lab setting and to make decisions for experiment development, which helped me greatly during my time in Utah.

What I Gained from the Experience

The Program fully supported its students and provided a $5,000 stipend, up to $500 compensation for travel, and covered housing. It culminated in a final poster presentation, and the students had the opportunity to publish in the University journal, as well as in general if discussed with their PI.

Overall, the program allowed me to become more independent in my academic and personal goals. It was a great opportunity and is something I am grateful for.
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